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The Heart School of Animal Communication with Val Heart

  You Want to Know If Your Pet Is In Pain, Why They Behave The Way They Do, Hear What They Are Trying To Tell You... Wouldn't It Be Great If You Could Read Your Pet's Mind?  

You Have Pets, Chances Are You Have Also Had Some Challenges...

What do you do when your dog barks and growls at everyone and everything, and you're afraid he will hurt someone, or you have difficulty training him...?  

How do you help your kitties when they stress you out because they're suddently fighting with each other when they used to be buddies, or they stop using the litter box, or...?  

What's going on with your horse when they go lame or nip or kick or become skittish, or when their training doesn't progress the way you'd hoped, or...?  

And you just don't know WHY.  

Not kowing why an animal is acting out or being able to hear what they're trying to tell you is extremely frustrating and even dangerous.

You want the best for your pets, but you can't figure out what they really need to be happy and healthy.  

You’ve taken them to the vet, but they can't find anything wrong... their health appears to be normal, or, they do what they can but nothing improves...  

You're missing something important.  

You give them attention, you play with them, cuddle with them, trying everything you can think of… yet they are doing things you can’t explain.  

If only they could talk to you!  


The good news is, THEY CAN! Animal Communication is the answer. 

If you want to know what's in your animal's head, then it's time to learn how to hear their voice so they can talk to you. 

Imagine, if you could hear their voice, you would know when they are hurting, what they are feeling, what they are trying to tell you, why they behave the way they do, what they know that you don't know, yet... 

They can even tell you when they are ready to make their transition so you can help ease their pain...

The Amazing Thing Is The Speed At Which the Animal Communication Made Easy Course Works. It’s Wonderful That You Can Start Learning How to Communicate With Animals in Just an Hour Or Less! 

Dear Animal Lover, 

If you want to hear what's going on in your animal's head, know when they are hurting, what they need to tell you, then this might be the most important message you’ll read all year. Here’s why…  

I call this training course “Animal Communication Made Easy.” Here is a taste of what you’ll discover in this astonishing course in easy, fun and heart warming lessons, like:  

  • The Insiders Secret to Knowing What Animal Communication Really Is and How it Works for You... so you won't waste time going down the wrong path and getting stuck or blocked!
  • Discovering the Many Remarkable Ways that You're Already Communicating With Animals... but were unaware and/or unconscious about
  • Three of the Biggest Mistakes Beginning Animal Lover Students Make That Stops Them Cold and Blocks True Communion... and how you can avoid making them yourself
  • The Fastest Most Direct Method of Communicating With Animals That Any Animal Lover Can Learn... so you can open the channels to quickly and easily connect and communicate almost instantly 

You'll also get these wonderful Bonuses:

  • How to Use Animal Communication to Solve Problems with Pets! This bonus training will help you with behavior problems, health a pain issues, training problems and much more! 
  • 3 Paths to Animal Communication PLUS Tips For Accuracy! Every animal lover has one or more of these intuitive gifts that work easily and brilliantly for them, but if you try to communicate in another way that simply doesn't work for you, then you'll go nowhere fast and wind up feeling discouraged and stuck. 

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll get. 

After all, loving and caring about animals means communicating with them, and now it's time to deepen your relationship so you can be a better pet parent!  

Just think, soon you could be experiencing the fastest, most direct method of connecting and communicating with animals!  

You might be wondering, can I really do this? 

"I'm not psychic... will it work for me?"

Every newbie animal lover begins their journey wondering if they can do this, worried they may not have the psychic gift or ability. 

What they discover after going through this wonderful program is that YES! They CAN do it and it's much easier than they thought.  

The first time they heard an animal speak to them changed their life completely.  

They became an awakened animal lover, and that's how I know without a doubt that you can do it too.  

All you need is guidance in awakening your intuitive abilities. Here's what happened for one of my students (and we literally have hundreds more success stories with more coming in every day from animal lovers just like you!).

What do students experience? 

Exactly what I need to help me acheive my dream of being an animal communicator!

OMG! There is so much great practical information in this sweet course that I put to use immediately! Now when I see animals, I know how to shift myself to know exactly what they're thinking! Great guidance and meditations, trainings, many new insights and more. I highly recommend this. It's perfect for anyone who loves animals and wants to learn their language. ~ Debora Poynter

Saved Me $100 and More on Cat Food! 

My cat, Marvin, was such a finnicky eater. I'd tried new food with him and he would love it for the first few days and then turn his nose up at it. I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on cat food, and I was getting super frustrated with Marvin. Why won't he eat? Because of learning to communicate with Marvin -- I found out why -- those foods I was feeding him -- made his tummy upset. We switched him to all meat -- which he loves and has stuck to for 3 months now. He's happy and healthy, and it's saving me $100 bucks on food every month. ~ Stephanie Jones  

Way Better Than a "Famous" Communicator's Workshop! 

Wow this really works! Val teaches so many ways to tap in and open up to accomplish my communication goals. I had a fantastic conversation with a cat today that blew my mind, and yesterday a bird told me which toy they wanted to play with. it's so much fun! I’ve been to ‘famous’ animal communicator’s workshops and was not nearly as impressed. This is great! ~ Janice Fitzgerald

This Course Helped Me Hear Animal Voices!

I'm so excited! Now I can communicate with any animal, anytime, just like Val said! I talked to a rabbit, a cat and a horse. The rabbit told me why it prefered a certain spot and what life is like as a bunny. The cat told me which food she preferred and why the old food was making her feel sick. And the horse told me what kind of treats he liked the most! This is a whole new world, I am amazed and delighted. If you want to learn how to talk to animals, then get this now! ~ Stacey Williams 

Found Out How to Help My Dog With His Anxiety! 

Before taking Val's course, my dog, Henry, would get anxious every time we would go to the dog park. There was one doggo, in particular, he seemed fearful of. After taking Val's course, I found out that Henry was anxious because of an experience he had with a dog of the same breed. We were able to help him with his anxiety -- now when we go to the dog park -- Henry is at ease and excited to play to with his friends. Yea! ~ Andy Silz  


OMG ! This Isn't Silly -- You Can Hear Me!  

The first time I communicated, it was with my little spoiled rotten chihuahua, Tuffy. As he sat on the ground looking up at me, I told him I was trying to learn how to talk to animals and needed his help. Would he please tell me something, anything to let me know he knew we were communicating. He got up and walked away and I heard him say "That's just silly." I heard that and said out loud to him, "I'm not being silly."  

He turned around immediately and ran back to me and jumped up on my legs staring at me with big wide eyes as if OMG you heard me!! I got so excited yelling Oh My God, Oh My God. You could tell we were both in shock. That's when I knew for sure I could talk to animals and they could talk to me. I have had many wonderful conversations since then. I love being able to do this. ~ Kathy Waits  

By Now You Might Be Wondering How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

As you know, a really good intensive beginning course or workshop with a top level instructor teaching you how to communicate with animals can cost $500, $1000 or more -- and may include the expense of traveling -- and NONE of them can hold a candle to this Animal Communicate Made Easy Course.  

Not this sweetheart of a course! It's only $97, or you can make 2 easy payments. 

Why am I practically giving away this wonderful course? 

I'm way more interested in gaining your trust and confidence as a student, and once you get this I know you'll be telling others about it and enjoying a deeper more wonderful relationship with your animals. Plus, not only will this help you get started, I still make some money so I can go on helping animals and animal lovers all over the world, keeping The Heart School of Animal Communication alive and well, so we can change the world by awakening more animal lovers. It’s really a win-win situation.  

Get ready to have fun talking with animals, knowing what they're thinking, feeling and needing, and becoming a awesome pet parent! 

Simply click the button below right now. 

For a fraction of what you'll pay a really good professional to communicate for you, for less than you'll spend on kibble or toys or a vet visit or a trainer, for less than you'll spend to replace damaged things... 

There’s no need to juggle your schedule or spend money to travel. And you’ll never miss anything. 

The course is already excellent, and if I figure out how to improve it even more, or decide to add new bonuses, you’ll get instant access to them at no extra charge.  

And because it’s online, you don’t ever have to worry about losing or breaking anything. We’ll keep it safe for you.

FAQ and Deets:


There's No Risk With Our 30 day Money-Back Better Than Free Guarantee!  


The Course is a digital only course hosted online for safekeeping. It consists of 3 video lessons. No need to travel, you can review the classes and the material and do the exercises over again, take a break when you need to without missing anything. And if I ever update the course or add to it? You'll get that too at no additional charge.  


No physical CD's will be mailed, no plastic or packing materials to clutter the environment, no shipping = no waiting. Once you've made your investment, you will receive your student account login instructions and you will have instant access to the Course along with your 2 Bonuses!  


You'll also get access to our Animal Talk Student Community for answers to your questions and friends to practice with (priceless). Seriously, this is amazing and life changing!  

You Really Can Learn How to Communicate With Animals in Just a Few Wonderful Lessons!

Take the next step and begin a journey that can forever change your life!  

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There's No Risk With Val's Better Than Free, Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Feel free to dive in deep and experience this without inhibition. Go through the course and if you decide it’s not for you, contact me and my support team at [email protected] within 30 days. Show us you did the work and completed the classes. We’ll issue you a prompt FULL refund and we’ll still be friends.