Professional Animal Communicator Interviews & Mini-Training Series With Host Val Heart


image001 (2)This is so COOL! What is it?

Brilliantly fun, inspirational and entertaining interviews on talking with animals FREE animal communicator mini training series for animal talk students!

This is an unprecedented, collaborative joint venture based on my mission of reaching and teaching One Million animal lovers around the world how to talk to animals.

I’m interviewing the BEST professional animal communicators and pet psychics in the world, asking them how they got started, what they’ve learned and what they can teach YOU right now to help you with your animals.

We want to tell you from own personal experiences our best tips and techniques that will help you discover how to:

  • Unlock the mysteries behind how animals think, feel and reason.
  • Understand the amazing world of animals from their uniquely brilliant viewpoints.
  • Access their wisdom, their guidance and inspiration to help you be a better human being.

Join me and my guests as we discuss how animals communicate telepathically with each other and how humans can learn to speak their language, to hear their voices, to learn from their wisdom.

In each unique interview, you’ll learn more about using animal talk to solve pet behavior problems, enhancing training and performance issues, helping animals heal, about easing transitions, finding lost/missing animals, and reconnecting with pets in the afterlife…, and SO much more.

Our first interview is with professional communicator colleague, author, spirit medium and certified VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing Practitioner, Philippa Kingsley from England.

We had a great time discussing our favorite topics:

Animals, Healing and the Magic of Communication

Philippa combines healing and spirituality with her animal communication blending a powerful force of pure love and energy to enable the animal to feel the pure Divine love that channels through her at the onset of the communication.

In our short, easy to fit into your day inspiring chat, you will learn:

  • About using animal talk to solve pet behavior problems, enhance training and performance issues
  • How to help animals heal
  • How to ease transitions
  • How to reconnect with pets in the afterlife
  • And much more.


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