Are You Ready to Learn How To Talk To Animals?  The World’s First Complete Online Virtual Program Makes Learning as easy as 1-2-3!

Want to Learn How To Talk To Animals?

Your Pet is Talking to You All the Time, Begging for You to Understand, To Hear Their Voice, Know Their Pain & Feel Their Heart, know their wisdom.
Now YOU Can Learn How to Communicate With Animals Yourself!

Start Here with the How To Talk to Animals,
the Complete System:
Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course™

Finally, you can know what your pet needs, how they are feeling – and know how to best help them without wasting your time, energy and money chasing your tail…  all in a matter of a few hours of your time.

  • Do you care about being there for your pet when they’re confused, afraid or are getting ready to make their transition? Learning how to connect and communicate will help you have more peace of mind, confidence and joy, even when things get hard…
  • Is your furrkid in pain, sick, lame or not feeling well? Learn my methods in addressing health issues you’ll know the best ways to ease their pain, understand where their illness is coming from, so you can know what will best help them and what might hurt them or make things worse…
  • Want to learn THE SECRET to being an awesome trainer who can easily resolve behavior, training or performance issues? Get my inside secrets, best techniques and tools for resolving behavior, training and performance issues with animals using the power of animal communication.
  • Have you lost a much loved animal friend and wish you could reconnect with them in the Afterlife? Sounds amazing to some, I know, but trust me, it can be done. I do it all the time and you can too, once you know how.
  • Do you enjoy learning fast, easy and powerful ways to do things? Jump ahead of other beginning students by learning my proprietary methods you can use to connect with and understand your animals that is literally like flipping a switch so you can hear and understand their thoughts, wants and needs.

Learn How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System:
Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course!™

This is the Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn Animal Communication,
In Just 6 Fun, Entertaining and Inspiring Classes

(Note: No travel required for this “virtual” online Course.

My name is Val Heart, and I’m an expert Animal Communicator. I’ve been talking to animals my whole life starting with my dog Fritzie and my mare Maisie. To date, I’ve worked professionally with over 7,000 animals and people, helping them have healthier and happier animals. And for nearly 20 years, I’ve been teaching others how to talk with their own animals.

Unfortunately, through the years in working with people and their animals I have seen people unintentionally mistreat and misdiagnose their animals.

They’ve spent massive amounts of time, energy and money on unnecessary vet bills only to be told their animal isn’t sick. You can get in trouble quick if you don’t know how to communicate with your animals.

That’s why I’ve created the world’s first How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course™ so YOU could learn animal comunication in as little as a day!

I’ve helped thousands of people who now communicate with their animals every day who never thought they could. You can too.

When you learn animal communication you will:

* Deepen your connection with animals

* Save a ton of money on training costs and unnecessary vet bills

* Discover how to greatly improve your animals’ health, happiness and emotional well-being

* Avoid the expense of replacing damaged furniture, fencing, tack and equipment

* Experience the joy, excitement and fun of a magical heart bond with your animal

I firmly believe that YOU have the ability to learn to be your own “Dr. Doolittle”.

If you can sense when someone is upset, angry or grieving, and you love animals, then you CAN do this, I promise. Learn how easy it is to develop your telepathic skills even if you’re not psychic.

My best selling home study course, the world’s first How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™ is a culmination of over 40 years of practice, teaching, continuing education and experience. And now you can learn it in as little as ONE weekend through the magic of a Virtual Online Course.

You too can personally experience the power of animal communication
that previously only a few people have had the privilege to learn.

After all, your animal’s life, health, happiness depends on
your ability to understand their messages to you, every day.

I’ve helped thousands of people who now communicate with their animals
every day who never thought they could. You can do it too.

This course is exactly what I needed to keep me focused on my dream of being a professional animal communicator!

“There is so much practical information in this course that you can use immediately to assist in communicating more fully and deeply with animals. I especially benefited from the many meditations that are geared to opening and expanding your consciousness and awareness of how we communicate on so many different levels. I received many new insights and ideas from the material in this course and I highly recommend it. Being a home study student, I can go back at any time and listen to the CD’s again. A bonus is the meditations all on one cd so I can access them quickly when I want a guided one.” – Debora Poynter, Green Bay, WI

I now have the confidence and tools to really connect with animals.

The Animal Communication Course gave me the confidence and the tools to really connect with animals. It isn’t just how it affected my life with animals, but how it helped me be more mindful of how I am interacting with the people around me too.

The understanding that we are all energy and connected was a concept I already philosophically believed, but this class made it easier to apply that belief in a more practical way in my daily life. – Cindy W., Torrance, CA

This Course validates and support our innate ability to communicate telepathically with animals.

Val’s course validates people and their ability to connect and communication with animals. I especially enjoyed listening to the live recorded consultation with Puttie the dog, where I discovered the amazing and profound difference simply talking with an animal can make.

It was remarkable how Val handled the sensitive information shared with her client, how she represented Puttie’s heart and spirit so perfectly… it really inspired me a lot. Learning animal communication is a really amazing tool to help our furry and feathered friends.

Teresa Lea, Yoga Teacher and BodyTalk Practitioner, Eden, NC

Knowing animal communication is helping me with all my pets illnesses and death process – what a gift!

About 4 months after the arrival of a stray cat named Sparky, it became obvious that what had begun as a loss of balance had developed into a serious neurological problem.

The ability of Val and her students to communicate with him during the final days of his illness was a gift beyond measure. I wish I had known of animal communication years ago, before losing so many beloved pets, as it would have made handling their illnesses and deaths much easier for both them and me. It is also possible to communicate with them after they have passed and the realization that I can reach out and “speak” to them again brings me joy, peace and a lightening of my heart.

I encourage anyone who has ever cared about an animal to keep an open mind and heart regarding the subject of animal communication.. — Mary C.



In this powerful How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™ you will learn:

* What every animal lover and owner should know about communicating with their animals

* The EXACT same strategies that I use when working with animals and their humans that open the flood gates on two way communication

* Phenomenal tips, tried and true techniques I have gathered and mastered in over 30 years of experience and continuing education

* The hidden secrets about practicing animal communication so you can do this successfully and easily with your animals.

I’ll give you Step by Step Instructions and fully guide you on your journey

This class is broken down into manageable steps that are easy to understand. It’s interactive, entertaining, filled with inspiring stories, and you’ll learn how to communicate telepathically with your animals so that you FINALLY understand each other.

* Learn the fastest, easiest way to learn animal communication basics so you can enjoy the personal experience of sending and receiving telepathic communication.

* Experience guided exercises to take you deeper, quicker and easier than ever before.

* Receive step by step instructions on how to talk with wild animals.

* Discover the truth about animal reincarnation and who animals really are.

* Receive step by step guidance and coaching on developing your own innate animal communication skills and abilities

* Learn how to ultimately tap into your natural in-born telepathic power so you can connect with any animal at any time.

In a remarkably short period of time, like these happy excited students, you’ll also learn how to send and receive messages and will be talking with animals as easily as chatting with your best friends.


I learned how to see the world through my animals eyes & it changed our lives!

After researching Val’s strong credentials I was thoroughly convinced of her abilities. So I enthusiastically enrolled in her course and have used the skills I’ve learned to communicate and connect with my cats and my dogs.

Val’s Course teaches us to communicate on an energetic and instinctive level, which is an ability we are born with. Animals live and communicate this way. In Val’s workshop we learn to see the world from their point of view which is amazing.

Stephanie C. Stelter, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Major US Army, retired, San Antonio, TX

If you can sense when someone is upset, angry or grieving, and you love animals, then you CAN do this, I promise. Learn how easy it is to develop your telepathic skills even if you’re not psychic.

You’ll enjoy results very quickly… even after the very first class.

Some animal owners simply talk with their pets for FUN… because it’s just SO COOL to know what they are thinking…

While others use animal communication to save money by avoiding expensive guesswork with unnecessary vet visits or professional trainers…

They know that being able to hear and understand their pet’s needs, pains and wants can actually save their animal’s life.

“If You Love Animals…Then You Too Can Learn How to Understand What They Need to Tell You… How To Improve Their Lives, Health and Well-Being…”

Learn the SECRET you need to know about the human animal bodymind connectionAre you looking for a simple easy way to build a better relationship with your dog, cat or horse… by learning a skill you will enjoy using for the rest of your life with every animal you meet?

Learn the SECRET you need to know about the human animal bodymind connectionWould you like to know why your animal behaves badly or oddly… and how to change their behavior through the simple act of learning to really listen and understand their viewpoints?

Learn the SECRET you need to know about the human animal bodymind connectionHow about engaging in a conversation with your dog, cat or horse about the meaning of life… so they can help you improve your relationships, career and well-being?

Learn the SECRET you need to know about the human animal bodymind connectionWhat if this same remarkable technique could be used to help them heal… to know if they’re in pain, what kind of pain, what helps, makes it worse or makes it better?

Can You Really Learn to Communicate With Animals in a virtual online course? Yes! You CAN!

So, how does the Home Study Program work, exactly?

After you invest in the the How To Talk To Animals, The Complete System: Core Foundation Home Study Course, you’ll get immediate access to all 6 classes and handouts starting with:


Bonus call: Awaken Your Inner Guidance System

Gain More Clarity, Boost Your Confidence and Get Unstuck with Your Pets


  • Learn a remarkably powerful method of accessing intuitive information quickly and easily with anyone you need to contact, whether they are animals, Spirit, Angels or even God
  • Are you undermining your success? Discover how to stop sabotaging yourself and gain more clarity in your communications with animals.
  • You’ll also gain more confidence in good decision making.
  • Learning how to awaken your inner Guidance System will put you way ahead of the rest of the pack and will make learning animal communication a breeze for you.
  • This Special Bonus Training (75 minutes) will help you dramatically and quickly develop your communication skills and you can use it in so many ways, it can even change your life. One student said she learned more in this one class than she had in 5 years of therapy!

Class 1: Build Your Foundation

It All Starts with Heart & Mind

  • The real truth about animal communication – what it is and what it is not.
  • 3 critical issues you must get clear on before communication can begin
  • 2 specific areas in your animal’s life – and your life, too – that will improve tremendously once you learn to talk and listen to your animal.
  • The one critical factor that can influence how receptive you are to communication … and how willing animals will be to communicate with you.
  • How to focus your mind like a satellite receiver dish so you can easily receive communications from your animal
  • And MUCH more!

Class 2: How to Receive Telepathic Thoughts

  • Identify the one stumbling block you unintentionally create that slams the door to communication with your animal… and how to easily break through the obstacle for a smooth path of two-way communication.
  • How you actually “hear” or receive messages from your animal…your receiving mechanism may surprise you, and once you understand how it works, you can embrace communication with confidence.
  • How to shift your body into a receptive mode so your animal’s message can flow to you as easily as water.
  • How to fine-tune your concentration and focus so you’ll be vividly aware of communication coming your way.
  • Over 20 specific health issues you can discover through communicating with your animal so you can provide the appropriate measures to help them.
  • How to quiet your mind so you can increase your perceptions and open up to receive communication.
  • And MUCH more!

Class 3: Deepening Your Accuracy and Connection

  • A ground-breaking meditation exercise that allows you to become an excellent observer as you use all 5 senses to explore messages you receive.
  • A surprising (but highly effective) meditation technique that clears your mind of cluttering thoughts.
  • A simple way to explore moving energy that increases your awareness of your surroundings so communication is crystal clear.
  • How to work through the painful decision of euthanasia and what your animal can tell you about how they wish to make the transition.
  • How to help an animal that is grieving because of the death of a loved one (animal or human).
  • And MUCH more!

Class 4: Become One With Your Animal

  • How to discover your “energy signature” or the energy frequency you resonate from.
  • What to do when you’re not in sync with your animal and how to reconnect for clear communication.
  • The ONE most direct and complete method of communication that brings a totally new perspective to communicating with animals. Once you understand this, you’ll receive validation and confirmation that what you’re receiving is the message intended.
  • How to experience your animal’s feelings, senses, and thoughts in UNION with them…rather than from your separate human viewpoint.
  • An incredible exercise that allows you to feel your animal’s emotions. You’ll also glimpse into how your animal smells, sees, hears, touches, and tastes so the messages you receive are crystal clear.
  • And MUCH more!

Class 5: Q & A Coaching Class

To take the time to integrate, process and practice what you’ve learned and explore the wonderful world of animal communication on your own. You will discover many wonderful insights, wisdoms and Ah HA! life changing moments. You’ll ALSO discover new questions you didn’t know you had, encounter opportunities to get stuck or frustrated, and may wonder about your accuracy rates. What you’ll need and most appreciate at that point in your journey is the chance to ask your new questions, receive guidance and more support! Value $250

You see, it’s not a lie or exaggeration—you really
CAN Learn to Communicate With Animals Quickly and Easily.

This Home Study Course is For:

  • All animal parents who are ready to improve their relationships with their animals in an authentic, loving, compassionate way
  • Professionals who work with animals including veterinarians and vet technicians, animal behaviorists, pet sitters, dog walkers, dog and horse trainers and groomers who want to better understand and meet their animal’s needs so they can be happier and healthier and go on to live long productive lives
  • Sport and competitive animal enthusiasts including dressage, hunter jumpers, race horses, cow horses, and of course, competitive show dog people — who want to improve their game, have more fun, advance their performance to the next level
  • Rescue and shelter staff and volunteers, foster dog, horse and cat caretakers who want to improve their ability to help their charges and to help them heal from trauma so they can find their new perfect families and homes
  • Animal trainers who want to stop struggling with their client’s animals (and the owners) and get faster, better results with more confidence and ease
  • YOU if you are ready to stop chasing your tail wasting your time, energy and emptying your pocketbook without first finding out what the problems actually are from your animals viewpoint… that could wind up actually making things worse… and could wind up costing your animal their life!

This Retreat is NOT for you if:

  • You enjoy wasting money, energy and time on your animal.
  • You don’t want to take the necessary time and effort required to learn anything new.
  • You have fun guessing what’s wrong and are actually okay with your animals bad behavior or ill health.
  • You don’t really want to know what your animal is thinking and you don’t care how they feel.

Can You Really Learn to Communicate With Animals?
You Betcha! What I know after teaching hundreds of
animal lovers just like yourself is that
if you want to learn, you can.

Find out for yourself just how easy it can be.

Read more about what other students experienced in this life changing Course:

What a Profound Confidence Booster!

“This course helped me to have more self-confidence in myself and my abilities. It opened a door to a whole new world that I will enjoy learning more about. Val is such a kind and supportive person. She has helped me believe in myself more as I practice AC. The material is superb and very thorough. I highly recommend it.” – Jolinda Elmore, Westland, MI

I now know that learning your method of animal communication is actually a spiritual journey to becoming a better ME.

I am still amazed! I have taken many other courses, read books, watched videos but Val’s Course and teaching method goes far beyond teaching animal communication. It is a powerful spiritual development workshop. In teaching us to connect with animals she is really teaching us to connect with the oneness where there is no separation and we can connect with other species. Margaret Dexter, Reiki Master, Chattanooga, TN

This is the most awesome, amazing feeling – to hear and know my animal is communicating with me.

If you are interested in this type of communication, then go for it. It changed a lot for me and made me see that I was already talking and hearing animals, etc. This is the most awesome feeling that I have ever had except for loving my children. Not only am I more informed about what animal communication is about and what it is not, but I have also met some very nice people. I think I have made some lifetime friends. – LeAnn C., Clyde, TN


Learn to Communicate With Animals in just 6 Classes:
It’s a complete system you can implement at a pace that works for you.

When you sign up for the How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System:
Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™ you’ll receive everything
described above PLUS:

Learn the SECRET you need to know about the human animal bodymind connection
Special Training Class: Awaken Your Inner Guidance System: Gain More Clarity, Boost Your Confidence and Get Unstuck with Your Pets
This remarkably powerful method of helps you access information quickly and easily with anyone you want to contact (animals, Spirit, Angels or even God). You’ll also learn the #1 way you may be undermining your communication with animals, and gain confidence in decision making. You’ll get this very special Bonus Training that will help you dramatically develop your skills and that you can use in many ways and situations. I will tell you that learning this Special Training will put you way ahead of the rest of the pack and will make learning animal communication a breeze for you. This isn’t available anywhere else so this is a one time opportunity. (value $250)

Learn the SECRET you need to know about the human animal bodymind connection
TIPS Sheet Handout (value $10)
You’ll refer to this Handout often so that you can review and remember all the key points to communicating with animals, and it comes in an expanded version as well as a handy condensed version to carry with you.

Learn the SECRET you need to know about the human animal bodymind connection
1 Month Free Trial in the exclusive Animal Talk Coaching Club(tm) to connect you with your fellow like minded students!
Monthly live Q&A calls, intuitive games and accontuability to keep your learning on track. Take advantage of this opportunity to practice communicating with your fellow student’s animals and they get to practice with your own special furrkids. Also, your own pets will be our master teachers in this Course, so not only will you get to experience hearing their voices, they’ll also receive the gift of helping you learn, grow and evolve. Plus, you’ll discover new friendships and receive support and encouragement while you learn to talk with animals. (value $324 per year)

Learn the SECRET you need to know about the human animal bodymind connection
Certificate of Completion for the How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™ (value priceless) This optional Bonus is yours upon request after the final coaching call. You’ll be proud to hang it on your wall and show your friends or even employers or clients! Completion of all the Course Classes is required.


Learn to Communicate With Animals in just 6 Classes?
You’re freakin’ kidding me, right?

You may be rolling your eyes and laughing at my program simply because of its name. You might think it’s some slick marketing tactic and no one could actually learn to communicate with animals in a virtual online course.

Actually, once you get to know me, you’ll realize that the last thing I want to do is come off as inauthentic and “full of it.” You can take me at my word that you can do this—really learn to communicate with animals in this Course.

I will make you a BELIEVER!

In fact, to show you how “real” this is, let me give you my best secrets to success to learning Animal Communication right now:

Listen and Learn as I take you Step By Step through my How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™

This Course is powerful and many students have amazing breakthrough experiences just by listening to the CD’s, following my TIPS Sheet, and reading the Study Guide Workbook. I guarantee you, your animals really want you to learn this, and I know after teaching thousands of students from all walks of life and with all kinds of backgrounds that you can too.

Clear Your Schedule

Although many students listen and learn easily from the complete home study course all on their own over a longer period of time, it’s best if you can dedicate one to two full days to the process so you can dive in and go much deeper. Then, come join me and your fellow students in The Animal Talk Caoching Club to get personal attention, coaching and answers to your questions.

Let Me Help You Learn

If you find yourself stuck or overwhelmed at any point in the process, you’ll have an opportunity to receive my personal attention and guidance.


So tell me, Val… If the How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System:
Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™ Event Is So Great,
Why Aren’t You Charging More For It?

Believe you me — as more and more people are experiencing amazing success with my world’s first complete How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™, it’s become more and more apparent that it’s an incredibly value resource for ALL animal lovers! I started asking myself the same question. But then I made up my mind to stick with what I thought was the right thing to do.

I’ve seen colleagues offer live workshops like this that can cost $1,000′s of dollars plus the expense of traveling, but they don’t give you the full and ongoing support that my Program offers.

When I talked about what I was creating and the price to my colleagues, they wondered aloud if people will see the value — and my value — for something that’s so inexpensive. (And more than one called me crazy for not charging more!)

It’s true — I do charge much more for my coaching groups and consulting work. In fact, I have several clients right now who have paid me more than $15,000.00 each to tap into the exact same tecniques, tools and proprietary information and expertise I’m offering you.


1. I wanted to make these materials available to anyone who wants to learn animal communication regardless of where they live in the world. I want you to have this critically important information. And I didn’t want price to be a factor.

I wanted people to implement and take action and fee supported without a huge investment. Because being an animal owner, trainer, veterinarian, rescue worker and caretaker who can actually understand their animals is so valuable, this short weekend and small investment will literally pay for itself 10, 20, 1000 times over.

3. I realize you’re busy, so I wanted to make it something you could manage — time wise and financially — along with all your other normal plans.

4. And, with the cost of everything going through the roof, and so many putting so many programs out there that cost 1000s of dollars, I didn’t want to make the investment amount a prohibiting factor for you in creating such a valuable skill and ability.

5. Most of all, I wanted to prove to you that you can learn to communicate with animals, pure and simple. I knew the small investment would both pique your interest and yet encourage you to follow through.

Ready to have some fun? I’m here to cheer you on while you
discover the brilliance of animals wisdom, and experience the
joy of a heart centered communion with nature!

You also have the opportunity to network with other animal lovers and have a Animal Communication Practice Buddies in the Animal Talk Coaching Club for extra incentive and accountability.

UNTIL NOW there was no easy system to learn how to communicate with aniamls so that they can inspire you, have a voice in their care, and can share their heart with you on a day to day basis…

UNTIL NOW there was no step by step system animal lovers could use to learn how to talk with animals in as little as a few hours of your time.,,

UNTIL NOW there was no way to help you receive and send messages in a short weekend and be able to use it to improve your life and the lives of the animals who depend on you for their health, happiness and well-being. And, most importantly…

UNTIL NOW there was no one at the helm offering expert insight and an environment of support to show animal lovers how to transform their dream of being able to hear their animals thoughts, transform their pain, and feel their heart.

Well, no more excuses. Because NOW you do.


Learn the SECRET you need to know about the human animal bodymind connectionYES, Val! I’m ready to learn how to communicate with my animals so I can solve problems with their help, better understand their needs, pains and confusions, and I will know how to connect with them at the heart level!

Sign me up for the How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™! I understand I’ll receive all the materials described above, plus expertise and inspiration direct from you in the form of webinar/teleclasses.

I understand I’ll receive immediate access to all all the Course materials so I can use these materials again and again while I’m learning how to communicate with animals.

There’s no risk involved because I get a 30 day 100% money back guarantee!

Learn the SECRET you need to know about the human animal bodymind connection
I’ll also get a full one month Free Trial Membership in the exclusive Animal Talk Coaching Club
and I’ll get all the great bonuses just for trying it out!

This online virtual course is all digital and is kept safely for you to access over and over again without risk of loss or damage.

I’m choosing my payment option now because I am ready to get started:

Click to Make Pay in Full – Only $697 (Best Deal!), or you will have the option at checkout of making 5 EZ Monthly Payments of Only $157.

THIS IS A DIGITAL COURSE ONLY!  This program consists of PDF documents and MP3 audio files delivered via a private website, no materials will be shipped.

No Risk Guarantee: Every penny you invest in this valuable program is safely backed by my famous 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Just follow the instructions and practice the assignments. If you feel that you’ve gotten no value from the Course, write me a note to tell me what happened. You have my word on it.

I believe you’ll get SO much out of it that you’ll never look at your animals the same way again, and that you will be delighted with your experience. I’m that confident.

best friends animal society dedicate to no more homeless pets

10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society to support their effort to create a time of No More Homeless Pets®.

Payment Options: We accept MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express, debit and credit cards. If paying with a check, money order or through PayPal, payment must be made in full. And because we use the best ecommerce system available online, rest assured your online transaction is 100% secure. Your transaction is guaranteed safe.

Disclosure:  I understand that my membership in the Animal Talk Coaching Club is for a full year. I can cancel at any time before my trial period ends, or after my year membership is completed. Because membership is for a full year, no pro-rated refunds are provided. At the end of my membership year, if I have paid in full my membership dues will be locked in at the current rate, and my credit card will be automatically billed for the next year’s membership dues, and my rate will never increase. No matter what others are paying to join the Club, my rate is locked in at the Early Bird Founding Member’s rate. If I choose to pay membership dues on a monthly basis, then I understand that the rate may change over time. If I choose not to renew my membership at the end of my first year, I can request to cancel prior to billing and my credit card will not be charged for the next month or year’s association dues.


Remember, this is a limited time offer at a ridiculously low investment — on purpose! I want you to prove to yourself that it can be done — you can learn how to communicate with animals in a short amount of time, and be empowered to help your animals live longer, happier, healthier lives.

This important, unique, one of a kind Course isn’t available anywhere else. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you and celebrating the amazing changes it will make in your life!

Much love to you and your furry, hairy, feathered and scaly friends,


Val Heart
The Real Dr Doolittle, Bestselling Author and Leading Animal Communication Expert

P.S. Still not sure? Trust me, you really do want to do this or you wouldn’t still be reading!

Listen to your heart’s wisdom and do it now or you’ll be kicking yourself next time your animal gets sick or acts out with bad behavior… With the How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System: Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course ™ and only a few hours of your time, you will know how to communicate with your animals too!

Your investment in this Course is the most important step you could ever take in understanding what your animal is trying to tell you about their wants, needs and emotional and physical health.

P.S.S.  What if just one idea could shift your consciousness, one healing could help save your animal’s life or improve the quality of their existence, or one breakthrough experience could take you to a to a richer, deeper, more heart centered connection with your animal? That could happen for you and your animals in every Live Animal Talk Coaching Club Q&A Call in this unique Program… if you join now.

P.S.S.S.  Look, let me be honest here. It doesn’t really matter to me if you decide to go for support while you learn animal communication by investing in my exclusive Animal Talk Coaching Club or not. It DOES, however, matter to me that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you from your dreams faster than delaying decisions. So listen to your heart, decide YES or NO, trust that and move forward.

Let me show you how easy it is to form a deeper relationship with your animals by translating the animal’s communication into language we humans can understand.

“The only thing that you’ll get from sitting on the fence is splinters in your butt. Take action! Do what needs to be done. You don’t need anyone else’s permission, you just need to decide you deserve it.” Dr Dov Baron, Baron Mastery Institute

Changing the world one animal lover at a time…


Do you have more questions? Click Here to Contact Val


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