In The Heart School of Animal Communication, your teacher Val Heart uses her unique, proprietary methods to help animal talk students from all walks of life around the world learn how to talk to animals.

Her creative, fun and engaging teaching style comes from over 40 years of dedicated continuing education, her innate God given gifts, expertise in developing her skills and tons of road and time tested experiences, techniques and tips.  There’s no risk!  We have a Better Than Free Guarantee.  With the Heart School, you can’t go wrong because we’re here for you.  Soon, by going through Val’s process, you will learn how to talk to animals!

Students discover that she teaches in a gentle, loving and spiritually profound way, and that their lives change on all levels. That’s because Val’s work isn’t just about the animals – it’s all about helping YOU be the BEST you can be, period.

Learning Animal Communication Is Easy As 1-2-3!

  • Step 1: Get a Proper Foundation With the Beginning Core Foundations Course

    There are no prerequisites to becoming an animal communicator other than a sincere love of animals.  All you need is willingness, commitment and a dedication to learning how. Begin at the beginning with a solid understanding of how this works, the right ways to connect and communicate, how it feels, how to quiet your mind, what to do when you go off track, and how to approach animals, anywhere, anytime, for the best results.

  • Step 2: Practice to Improve Your Skills, Confidence and Accuracy in the Animal Talk Coaching Club

    Now that you have the proper foundation to build on, it’s time to put your new skills, techniques and love into action! The perfect place to practice communicating with animals is the Animal Talk Coaching Club.  The best community of it’s kind, you’ll find support, answers to your questions, animals to practice talking with, feedback and guidance, ongoing training, and much more.  Do what it takes to learn how to connect and tune in and be willing to practice until you master the skill.

  • Step 3: Advance Your Skills and MASTER the Art of Animal Talk in the Advanced Animal Talk Topics Course

    With a proper foundation and a place to practice, it’s now time to advance to mastery. Knowing the right questions to ask in the right way and time makes all the difference in the world. Knowing how to apply the art of animal communication to work with pets who are behaving badly, who aren’t feeling well, are in pain or who need your help healing, working with fosters, rescues, abused and adopted animals so they recover and go on to live long, healthy happy lives, talking with animals preparing to make their transition or connecting with them in the afterlife… The gift of animal communication is a very powerful skill.  Mastering your intuitive, telepathic skills will forever and profoundly change your life, and all the animals you come into contact with.

Essential Training for Animal Communication Students

The Learn How to Talk to Animals, The Complete System includes:

Hidden Secrets to Animal Communication ebook — FREE!

Learn 3 fundamental principles every animal talk student needs to know PLUS discover the 3 easy steps to send messages to animals.

eBook, $27 value

Instant Access

Beginning Animal Talk Course

How to Talk to Animals, Beginning Core Foundations Home Study Course

Get your basics down with a solid foundation you can build upon, learn important animal caretaking skills AND have a lot of fun too.

mp3, PDF and PPT | Five 90 minute classes | $497.00

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Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Home Study Course

Already got your basics down? Then it’s time to begin mastering your skills by applying them to all 12 situational areas! Be prepared when your animal gets sick, behaves badly, performs poorly, and know how to help with rescues, fosters and with all stages of life.

mp3, PDF and PPT | Seven 90 minute classes | $497.00

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Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club

Already got your basics down? Now it’s time to practice and grow your skills! Join me and animal lovers around the world in the BEST online Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club! Designed to support you in growing your confidence and accuracy, by helping you master your intuitive abilities with animal communication. Live Q&A Coaching Calls, Masterclasses, ongoing training, animals to practice talking with and get feedback, intuition building resources and much more. Smart students get expert mentoring so you can go further and deeper into the wonderful world of animal communication.

3 Levels of Membership to Choose From | Live Online Community, On-going Training and More | FREE 14 DAY TRIAL before billing begins

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Special Interest Courses

Awaken Your Intuitive Powers

Awaken Your Inner Guidance System™

Gain more clarity, boost your confidence, get unstuck with your pets while you have fun developing your intuition!

mp3 and PDF | One 90 minute class | $97.00

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The Heart of the Conversation With Animals Online Course

The Heart of the Conversation – 7 Step Blueprint for Successful Communication with Animals

EVERY animal talk student needs to know how to facilitate a successful conversation with any animal, what to do when you get stuck, which are the right questions to ask and what NOT to ask if you want to get results.

mp3 and PDF | One 90 minute class | $97.00

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Remember, your animal’s life, health, well-being and happiness depends on your ability to understand their messages to you, every day.
By starting to learn now, you’ll be there for them when they most need you to hear their voice.

FREE EBOOK: Discover the Hidden Secrets to Animal Communication

In this free book, you will learn:

  • How to fast track animal training and improve behavior
  • 3 Fundamental Principles every animal talk student needs to know
  • 3 Easy Steps to SEND a message to an animal
  • Deepen your understanding of their needs so you can be a better companion
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Better than Free Triple Guarantee

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