You've learned how to communicate with animals, but do you know what it really takes to be a successful professional practitioner?

You’ve taken courses, and you’ve advanced and mastered your intuitive skills. And you're good at it!

Now you're wondering you could make this your career...

Maybe you are already working with clients but you are struggling to grow your business…

OR, you are an animal talk student who dreams of following your passion by launching your own business.

But you’re worried.  Can you really do this?  What does it take to be a successful practitioner?  Can you make enough money doing it?  This is a unique business model, not a one size fits all kind of business selling widgets…, where do you go and who can you ask for help?

Holli felt the same way. She said:

“I was taught how to communicate with animals and I loved it. Then Penelope Smith certified me how to teach the basics course. But nowhere was I taught how to market or price my stuff! I was just told to do what feels right. But without good business guidance from someone I can trust, who’s done what I want to do, I just don’t have a clue how to reach my ideal clients. How exactly do I grow my business? I am working really hard but I’m not making enough money to quit my day job. I feel so discouraged and overwhelmed, I don’t know where to start.”

Can you relate?

Do you really have what it takes to run your own successful professional animal communication business? Not every gifted animal communicator does.

Without learning what it actually takes to create, launch and grow a successful business working as a professional practitioner, you may find yourself saying things like:

"If I could just book enough clients so I can quit this lousy day job and live my dreams..."

"If I could make enough money doing the work I love so that I don't lay awake in bed at night worrying about how to pay the bills..."

"If I could just set my own hours, be my own boss, work whenever I want, and make an extra $1,000/month - or $5,000/month or $10,000/month - I could have more time for my family and other important things..."

You're right to be concerned because 3 out of 4 new businesses fail within the first 2 years!

Don’t let that be you or your dream will become a nightmare.

Working together we can gain more clarity about what it really takes to start your own business, learn how to attract great paying clients, improve your confidence and ability to launch and grow your practice, and identify what types of services you should offer (and what you should not offer unless you want to be miserable and poor).

You'll also avoid making the mistakes most newbies make which can ruin your chance of earning a good living helping animals and their people.

Over the years, I’ve learned a LOT about what it takes to manage and grow a successful business practice as a professional animal communicator.

My path hasn’t always been easy… but it's been worth it.

Learning how to attract the right clients (and learning how to deal with the bad ones) was a struggle; paying the bills some months was a challenge; and, working 12 hour days, 7 days a week took a huge toll on my health and marriage. Then the internet hit and the way entrepreneurs do business forever changed.

For instance, here’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way.

Being gifted with a highly sensitive, creative right brain along with the gift of being able to communicate with animals simply isn’t enough in this day and age to build a successful, thriving entrepreneurial internet practice. Being good at helping people with their animals doesn’t automatically provide the lifestyle you want to have, one that meets all your personal needs.

For me, it helped a lot that I graduated magna cum laude with a masters degree in business, minoring in marketing. It helped that I worked for IBM and a small business insurance agency, and I have a background in computers. It helped that I launched and ran my own market research corporation in 1988. It helps to be good with business details, vision, and logistics.

But many right brain creative, highly sensitive folks like us don’t speak geek, are not tech or business savvy, and the mysteries of cyberspace elude and frustrate us.

Right brain intuitive skills are not the same skills as left brain logic and analysis. Technology, business systems, policies, marketing strategies, and procedures are the foundation of every successful business and this is especially true of psychics, healers and animal communicators.

You might think that you can't do this because you don't have a business background or you don't know how to get the right clients, but I'm here to tell you're wrong. You CAN do this!

Nobody is born knowing how to be successful in business. They have a vision (like you) and then they go to work learning what they need to know to make that vision a reality.

I've invested well over $150,000 in business mentoring and coaching teaching me how to build and fill my practice with VIP clients and students that I love working with. It’s gotten me through challenging economic times. AND, it’s how I’ve made it to the top of my field.

In the many business coaching and mastermind groups I’ve participated in (and managed over the years), I’m known as a highly creative, respected businesswoman. I have helped colleagues create miraculous turnarounds in their business. In short, in addition to coaching students and working with clients, business coaching is one of the things I absolutely love doing.

It breaks my heart to see so many of my professional animal communicator colleagues, also very talented and gifted, wind up quitting and having to get a “real j.o.b” out of despair, frustration, burnout, lack of support…

They just can’t make enough income to support themselves. The business challenges they face seem insurmountable, and they struggle every day.

To reach the vision the Universe gave me, I want YOU to be successful too. Together we can help make the world a better place for animals and the people who love them.

I’ve also tried lots of things that didn’t work… before I learned what to do and what not to do.

As an established six figure Entre-Leader in the animal communication business, I have well over 30 years experience building successful thriving businesses. But how did I get to where I am now?

How did it all start for me?

In the summer of 1988 after graduating from college with my honors and my Bachelors degree in business, I contracted Lyme disease. It devastated my health so badly that I knew I would never again be able to hold down a full time corporate job, like when I worked at the Texas Employment Commission and IBM. It was a very long road to recovery…

One rainy day I was with my friend and her gorgeous black Percheron mare, Valkyrie. We were really worried because Valkyrie had a huge, painful injury on her hip that wasn’t healing well. I somehow managed to tune into the horse, and that was the first time I’d ever heard a horse whisper to me.

Even more amazing was that in just under thirty minutes, I was able to facilitate a miraculous spontaneous healing with Valkyrie’s hip.

It was a life changing, transformational moment for me because I knew I had found my destiny. I wanted to talk to and help heal other injured animals all over the world as a leading professional animal communications expert.

That was in 1993. Now?

I AM one of the leading experts in our field. The Real Dr Doolittle™ Show has touched the lives and hearts of well over 400,000 animal lovers all over the world. I’ve been in the media many times. I enjoy a wonderful, growing community of clients, students and joint venture partners. I’ve authored and co-authored several bestselling books.

Even better, I’m doing work I love with people and animals I adore, and have a full staff of talented assistants. I’ve generated a 6 figure income since 2006, and have even had the pleasure of receiving over $25,000 income in a single month!

In short, I have a thriving lifestyle business I’m proud of.

Money is important because it makes it possible to do this work and reach more people. But it’s not all about the money. It's about making the good we can do with it and at the same time, how well we can take care of ourselves.

My personal vision is to help teach 1,000,000 animal lovers to understand their animals, to hear their voices, to grow, evolve and heal. When we do that, we will change the world.

I have a really cool secret to share with you, “What you want, wants you!” Let me show you how to do this too!

If this resonates with you, then you are definitely in the right place.

Your dream of making this your life’s work — to help animals by being their voice — is in fact an important part of your purpose and destiny.

That's not just your own dream, that is the Universe's urging to fulfill an important need. You are hearing the call, seeing the vision.

There are animals and people out there who are praying for help and looking for you, but they can't find you... yet.

You have a choice. You can ignore it, sit on it, dabble with it as a hobby or put it off until the Universe gives up and goes to find someone else.

Or you can step up and say "Yes! I am doing this."

A magical thing happens when you set your intention. Connections are made, energetic networks formed, people and animals start finding you, and opportunities come to you from out of nowhere.

All you need next is the right guidance.

Let me show you how!

To be successful in your own thriving animal communication business, you will need these 3 things:

First, you must have the right mindset and attitude.

It's a fact. You'll encounter challenges and opportunities on your journey. You will make mistakes. You will miss things, and you won't always be right.

If you let your negative self talk, doubt and lack of confidence discourage you, then you will fail. If you don't do your inner work of healing, evolving and growing, then you will sabotage and undermine your efforts. If you never even try, then you've blocked yourself before you ever begin.

If however you learn to use the law of attraction and shamanic manifestation practices, you will be resilient, supple and flexible. When challenges and opportunities come your way, you'll make the best of them knowing that everything works for you, nothing works against you.

You will rebound better than ever with every lesson. You will know that there is no such thing as failure, only discovering things that don't work, that work but are inefficient and less than optimal, and things that work brilliantly well.

If you learn the right mindset and attitude, nothing can stop you.

Next, you must know how to attract the right clients with the right programs and services.

As a practicing professional animal communicator, you must earn enough income to take care of you and your family (2 and 4 leggeds), AND have enough to put back into your business to keep the doors open and growing. That's the very definition of a thriving successful business!

To do that, you have to attract ideal clients for you, take excellent care of them, and charge them what you're worth.

TIP: Would you like a job where you only work 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, and enjoy $5000 income a month? It's possible and doable.

Here's your roadmap to success:

Example: If your goal is to enjoy $5,000 income a month, and you want to charge $100 per session, then you just need 50 clients a month at that rate. That's only 12.5 clients a week, or 2.5 clients a day working 5 days a week.

If you don't know what you're doing, you don't know your numbers, or you have no goals or roadmap, then more speed won't help you get where you want to go.

If you don't know how to attract and keep ideal clients who become your raving fans and tell all their friends about you, then your client pipeline will remain empty and you will fail.

Finally, you need the right business systems, procedures and processes in place to support your success.

Many beginning professional communicators just wing it, playing it by ear, making things up as they go. They don't know what they're doing, and it shows. If you don't get it together and manage yourself more professionally, ultimately it undermines your client's confidence in you and your success.

Your best results are based on the business systems, protocol and the policies you setup.

How you setup your business legally is important whether you are online or offline or both. Internet business are more and more heavily regulated. Do you know what you can say and what you can't say on your website? Not knowing could cost you fines and penalties when mistakes are made.

How you manage your finances, do your books and pay taxes is important too. If you don't do this part right, you won't be in business long and your dream will definitely turn into a nightmare fast.

If you have a website, is it "pretty" but it doesn't bring you ideal clients? Then it's a waste of money, energy and time. Properly created and maintained websites work for you 24/7/365 bringing you a wealth of wonderful clients and income all day long.

How you manage your schedule is important. For instance, when you're working a fulltime schedule (with a waiting list), you really don't want to waste your time doing things manually when they could be automated. That's a sure path to burnout. Believe me, I know. Been there, done that.

How you guide your client's expectations is important, how you manage unhappy clients, and how you follow up with them determines whether they are happy with your services and will come back for more -- or whether they will blacklist you.

NOT having access to the best working, most efficient, tried and true business systems, protocols and policies can cost you your dream.

You Can Learn How to Create a 6 Figure Business
in Just 6 Months With The Go Pro Business Builder Program for Professional Animal Communicators

This unique, insightful, foundational, all-encompassing 6 month Program is perfect for anyone who is good at communicating with animals and who wants to launch their own successful, thriving business.

Working together we can gain the clarity about what it really takes to start your own business, learn how to attract great paying clients, improve your confidence and ability to launch and manage your practice, and identify what types of services you should offer (and what you should not offer unless you want to be miserable and poor).

Join this wonderful combination self-study and coaching Program now so you can learn at your own pace, get help when you need it, and enjoy:

A spiritual, extraordinary journey to growing your best, successful, thriving business being the voice for animals.

A loving, compassionate kind, supportive, nurturing experience to help you grow, heal and evolve into your BEST self.

A brilliant Animal Communication Business Building Program designed to expand your education, knowledge, inspire and delight you.

This unique combination of expert coaching and master level content just isn't available anywhere else. How will learning to master these important areas in your business help you?

The Right Mindset and Shamanic Manifestation Techniques Toolkit to help you manifest abundance, be resilient and unstoppable.

How to find, attract and enroll your Ideal Clients, keep your pipeline full and your income steady. Confidently charge what you're worth, offering irresistible services, programs and courses.

How to make $2500 - $10,000 every month (or more) creating your own high end programs in 21 days and do it over and over again.

How to setup your business systems, satisfy legal rules, policies, protocols and guidelines to be safe from lawsuits and penalties or fines.

How to have your website bring in new ideal clients every day and isn't just an expensive pretty online business card that produces nothing to your bottom line.

communication with horses works

Know which marketing strategies to use that will work best for you the easy peasy way, and identify which social media channels to focus on and which you can safely ignore

YES! I want Val to help me start and grow my own successful
professional animal communicator business so I can make
a bigger difference with animals and enjoy a good income!

Starter (Do It Yourself) Package includes:

  • All 10 Key Area Business Modules showing you exactly how to go from point A to Z with your business using tried and true success strategies (value $1997)
  • Know exactly how to generate $10,000/month or more in 6 months or less (priceless)
  • The BEST business models, tips and techniques that work in today’s world (priceless)
  • Lessons are all recorded live so you can learn along with other practicing professionals who are now enjoying thriving practices and go at your own pace
  • Lifetime access with updates and added specialty topic bonuses to make it even easier for you to succeed!


one time investment

or, 6 payments of $199.40/per month




Invest Now

Premium Program includes:

  • Receive the entire Starter Package PLUS Unlimited Business Laser Coaching with Val Heart for answers to your most burning questions, expert guidance and customized strategies (regularly $3000)
  • 10 Key Business Area Modules for A-Z Success Strategies (value $1997)
  • Know exactly how to generate $10,000/month or more in 6 months or less (priceless)
  • Lifetime access with updates and bonuses making it easy for you!

How could this Program PLUS Val’s expertise and eyes on YOUR business through private coaching accelerate your growth and keep you accountable to your vision?  It can make ALL the difference in the world!


One Time Investment

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Invest Now

Our Promise

We will provide in-depth training, tools and expert mentoring to accelerate your learning so you are prepared properly to grow your business the right way for long term success. Ultimately, your results are dependent on you and your actions.

Access Module 1 and your Bonuses in the first week. Before beginning Module 2 let us know if you don't agree that this Self Study PLUS Coaching Program will help you grow and develop your business and we'll give you a full refund.

The BIG question is, where would you like to be with your business just 6 months from now?

Are you ready to fully embrace your VISION as a successful Professional Animal Communicator? Here's how it works:

Step 1:

Click the red button
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Step 2:

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Step 3:

Start learning
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Success Stories

  • Exactly What I Needed to Help Me Make a Successful Career As a Professional Animal Communicator

    Val’s Go Pro Business Building Program for Animal Communicators has been so valuable in helping me to focus on what is important in the world of business marketing.  Her background as a professional animal communicator is inspirational. I’ve been working professionally for 7 years and my business wasn’t growing very much.  But now, I have seen my email contact list increase greatly and dramatically with a simple campaign that I developed with Val’s assistance. Val is also extremely encouraging and supportive.  I felt so alone and isolated before I joined the Program and often didn’t know what to do or how to do it, I felt so discouraged. The classes, coaching and Mastermind group are great for connecting with other professional communicators, this is a wonderful community.  Seeing what the other members are creating is motivating and also I find myself so excited to see my fellow coaching classmates succeed. I would highly recommend Val’s program if you are striving to increase (or start) your animal communication business. 

    Anne Angelo, Morristown, NJ
  • Why did I decide to work with Val? One word: SUCCESS!

    No sooner than I agreed to this Business Building Program, I immediately received more client phone calls. I’d been in a slump and was worried about not making enough money to pay our house payment, then it was like the floodgates opened! Val is brilliant at helping, guiding and encouraging us to shine equally as spiritual intuitive beings AND as successful animal communicator practitioners.  Val is a lovely warm soul armed with pointy questions that encourage and allow you to develop into everything you choose to be.  My advice?  take your limitations off and reach for the moon with your business.  Val will guide the way.

    Stephanie L Brown
  • My Dream of Becoming a Professional Animal Communicator is Coming True

    Hi Val, Guess what? Since I have been practicing animal communication daily using what you’ve taught me in the Beginning and Advanced courses, AND the Animal Talk Coaching Club Masterclasses, I have people referring their friends and now I have some heart felt  testimonials and a waiting list!  My dream of being a professional animal communicator is coming true.  Thanks for your encouragement, support and teaching.  Using the extraordinary techniques you taught me in the Platinum Club Masterclasses, I feel like I am living in a Science Fiction movie right now! Time travel… past lives… talking to spirits!  WOW! But what is meaningful is that this is helping others in a deep way. THANK YOU!  💕Barb

    Barb Grout
  • Val is a Wealth of Great Information, Endless Ideas, Tips And More for Professional Animal Communicators

    Why do I recommend Val’s Go Pro Business Building Program for Professional Animal Communicators?   First of all, Val is just a wealth of information on marketing, advertising, setting up your online business and all of the many details that are involved in these enterprises.  She also has endless ideas for each student, specifically, to help them create what they want for their business. And she will give you tips to improve what you are currently doing to make it better.  Second, this Program is designed from the inside out and gives you the opportunity to look at where you might be blocking your own success. Val teaches you how to move through these blocks and have the right mindset to create a solid foundation for a successful business.  And finally, it’s a safe place to try out your ideas, talk about your doubts, and fears, and just let yourself be vulnerable. It can be scary putting yourself out there to the world and this Program gives you a safety net to try things out first, fine tune and work out the kinks within a supportive and nurturing environment.  So now I have a direction to take my business and I have a better understanding of how to market, advertise successfully, really engage people and bring them in. I’m so excited to move my business forward to the next level!!! 

    Debora Poynter
  • Val’s Help is Vital and Crucial in Getting My Animal Communication Business Off the Ground

    Val brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the challenge of successfully growing professional animal communication businesses in a caring and personalized way. If I hadn’t signed up when I did, I would be lost. Her practical approaches are fresh, modern, effective and varied. I always felt I could bring anything to the table and receive loving guidance. She truly cares about the success of each one of her students and facilitates both individualized mentoring and synergistic growth of the group as a whole. This all comes together to provide a fertile, supportive, safe environment for each student to find what works best for them. I feel so grateful, this is a rare and wonderful experience.  I highly recommend Val’s programs for taking animal communication businesses to the next level. Thank you so much for everything!

    Lynn Loftin, San Carlos, CA, USA
  • Great Teacher, Mentor and Wonderful Teacher

    Hi Val, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that you always take the time to respond.  I know and understand that you have many students, many clients, a business to run, and many other commitments and obligations. You are such a great mentor and wonderful teacher, not only about animal communication but about a being an incredible human.  Thank you for being so special and for creating such a wonderful community with the courses and the Animal Talk Coaching Club.  I always want you in my life.  Lots of love and hugs

    Jo Blankenship
  • Business Building Program for Professional Animal Communicators is Priceless

    Irrespective of whether one has been in business as an animal communicator for many years or as a novice, the service that Val Heart offers is above and beyond many other marketing programs that are available on the open market.  Val literally opens her beautiful spiritual Heart to others and truly cares. Val brings her many years of experience in all the fields of animal communication and marketing  to make a business building program custom designed for each individual animal communicator and also includes the feeling of community and safety to be able to honestly share with all in the group at all levels of awareness and marketing orientation.

    I found a feeling of camaraderie between all of the people taking Val’s program with no ego, just a sense of that we want the best for each other as well as individual progress.  I was guided to join the program as it felt right for me at this time.  I came in with openness and what I felt I needed further clarification on.  The group and also the private sessions that are included are a powerful combination of movement. What I personally received was something that is priceless. I highly recommend Val Heart and her program to anyone who wants to be a successful professional communicator.

    Philippa Kingsley,

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