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  • The Best Online Course for Pet Parents Who Worry When Their Animal’s Health, Well-Being and Quality of Life Fail Due to Illness, Pain, Old Age Ailments or Pending Transition 

    You’ve spent precious time with your pet, you’ve become their companion and their trusted best friend…
    You’ve loved them and they’ve loved you, unconditionally…
    And now, during their golden years, they’re looking to you not only for the companionship they’ve grown accustomed to, but also for all of the things that will keep them healthy, happy and as free from pain as possible, for as long as possible.

  • Your Senior Pet Is Counting On You to Give Them All the Love, Compassion and Health Possible During this Time of Their Life… Don’t Fail Them Now When It Most Counts!

    It would be wonderful if they could live with us forever, but as we all know, a dog’s life feels all too brief. And toward the end of their life, no matter how old they are, there can be what some would call a “cascade of physical and body mind failures” that plague them with pain, confusion and fear… and can be all too frightening and overwhelming for their guardian too.

    That’s why I developed this powerful, unique and critically important self study course, to help you both through their golden years… and beyond.
    In this unique, uplifting and informative self study course, we’ll explore all the ways you can improve your senior dog’s quality of life, help you know and understand what your dog is actually feeling and thinking, and what you can do to keep them as healthy, happy and lively as possible until it’s time to make their transition.

    When it’s finally time to say goodbye and let them go, you’ll know better how to find peace with what’s to come, how to make the all important decision of euthanasia, how to tell your pet and your family about it, and what to expect so you can prepare properly.

  • Proper preparation is important because otherwise their passing can be a horrifically painful, confusing, traumatic experience – for them and for you.

    Studies have shown that animal lovers often grieve the loss of their animal companions longer and harder
    than they do the loss of human family and friends. With this course, you learn what you need to know so
    their passing can be as peaceful, easy and painfree as possible.

    And after they’re gone? You’ll even learn how to reconnect with them in the Afterlife.

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Who is this for?

This wonderful course isn’t just for dog caretakers. Anyone who has a senior pet who is facing their transition can benefit from the wisdom and guidance presented here in such a loving, inspirational way. This course is for you if:

  • You want to make the most of however much time you have left with your pet so you won’t feel regret, guilt or confusion later
  • You feel frustrated, afraid or disconnected from your pet
  • You are afraid they are in pain, discomfort, or may pass alone and afraid when you leave them
  • You are worried they’ll die alone and afraid if you leave them
  • You don’t know how you’ll live without them and dread they’ll cross over before you are ready to let them go
  • You want to know how to help your pet with aging related problem, chronic pain, arthritis, hip problems, digestive upsets, aging, cancer, seizures, itchy skin, allergies, hot spots, vaccination problems, autoimmune diseases… and much more
  • You need to know how to ease and understand your animal’s pain
  • You feel overwhelmed with your own fears, concerns and worries and don’t want to add your stress to theirs
  • You want to be the “rock” they need during this critical time in their life so you can help ease their pain, confusion and anxiety
  • You feel afraid about making the decision to euthanize, or the timing for it, and wonder if you should let your pet pass naturally on their own
  • You are worried that you might make a mistake you’ll regret and feel guilty about for the rest of your life
  • You cannot find your peace of mind and closure at the end of their life and through to the other side
  • You want to know how to reconnect with them in the afterlife
  • You need help coping with grief, sadness and loss

You can choose the experiences you have with your pet during this critical time in their life. The choices you make now will impact you and them long after they are gone and for the rest of your life.


  • Regular access to a computer/iPad with an internet connection
  • Sincere love of animals
  • A desire to communicate and understand their language
  • No Prior Animal Communication Experience is required.

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What’s included?

You’ll learn:

  • How to bond with your senior pet in unexpected, enriching ways
  • How to deal with frustrations, fears and disconnect that sometimes comes at this stage in their life
  • How to help your pet with chronic pain, arthritis, hip problems, digestive upsets, aging, cancer, seizures, itchy skin, allergies, hot spots,
    vaccination problems, autoimmune diseases… and much more
  • How to ease and understand your animal’s pain
  • How to deal with your own fears, concerns and worries so you don’t add your stress to theirs and so you can be the “rock” they need during
    this critical time in their life
  • How to know if/when it’s time to make the euthanasia decision so you don’t make a mistake you’ll regret for the rest of your life
  • How to achieve peace of mind and closure at the end of their life and on the other side
  • How to reconnect in the afterlife
  • How to find support with grief, sadness and loss

Class 1: Setting the Proper Foundation for the Next Stage in Your Senior Dog’s Life With Special Guest, Jan Rasmusen

Multiple award winning author, Jan Rasmusen was our special guest. We all know how painful it is to lose or be in danger of losing our dogs, and how it feels to have dogs who have died – and it’s especially traumatic when it happens because of something we could have avoided if we’d only known how. Jan discussed food and diet changes for older dogs, important supplements and the dangers of drugs. She also shared critically important advice you need to know about vaccinations. 7 Ways to Help Your Senior Dog Be Healthy and Happy For As Long As Possible. As your dog is quieting down in this stage of life he may require different things from you. Making these small changes for their health and in their environment can make for a much happier dog in their senior years.

Homeopathics to keep in your medicine kit. Homeopathic medicine is a great alternative to more costly drugs, and don’t have the harmful side effects drugs do. This primer will get you started, along with some more unusual ones you may not know about.
Bach Flower Essences. Originally designed by a medical doctor to help rebalance personality and emotional disorders, these work very well with animals too, and are especially important with senior dogs.

Guided Meditation: Be Your Senior Dog This powerful technique is something you can do every day. It’s one of the fastest, quickest most direct methods of communicating with animals.

Bonus: Supplemental handout! 

Class 2: How to Prepare Properly

In this heart warming class you will learn tips, tools, practical advice and the secrets needed to help you successfully pass through this often painful time of your dog’s life. You will learn more about helping your older dog with illnesses and aging related problems, like cancer, arthritis, digestive upsets, skin problems like hot spots, itching, and allergies, and much more… You’ll learn how to deal with frustrations, fears and the painful disconnect that sometimes comes at this stage of their life.

Class 3: Crossing the Bridge, and What You Need to Know About the Afterlife

In this extraordinary Class: Special Guest: author, Robynn McCann. She’s assisted hundreds of animals through their transition and has a wonderful, unique, inspiring and simple way to stay present, ease pain, and help you understand what happens during the dying and afterward. You won’t want to miss it!

In Class 3, you will learn more about bridging the gap from transition to the afterlife:  Robynn has assisted hundreds of animals through their transition. She shared her heart with us, and offered a remarkable technique for staying present, easing pain, and also helped you understand what happens during the dying and afterward. Her stories are heartwarming and inspiring, and I know you won’t forget them. I know I won’t!

* We also talked about how to know when it’s time to make the euthanasia decision, what happens when an animal is euthanized, and about transitioning naturally on their own
* We discussed tips on aftercare: Cremation versus burial
* Blessing ceremonies and The Closure Process, and other ways to be conscious during the stages of grief
* How you can reconnect in the afterlife with simple tips, techniques and personal experiences
* About reincarnation with true examples of animals who have come back and the amazing ways they do that.

Bonus Handout: Blessing Ceremony and the Closure Process, Stages of Grief, and other Important Resources! 

Class 4: Bonus Coaching Clinic plus Q&A

In this Bonus Class: 3 students shared their challenges with the class, and everyone left learning much from the experience. Learn how these 3 dog parents were able to take away insights that will help them forever!

You can choose the experiences you have with your dog at this phase, and the choices you make will impact your memories long after they are gone.

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Praise for Paws Before Dying Course

  • Support in Times of Transition
    Val, I am so grateful to you for your insight on my dog’s condition. I thought she was dying and had been told to put her down, but just couldn’t bear the thought. I was in agony about making this decision. You gave me such emotional peace of mind about it, and your advice made such an impact that it has completely turned my attitude around.
    I cannot overstate this. You gave me back my power, and the emotional freedom to enjoy my life, even with all the stresses of no job, unemployment denied, appeals in process, and my Lily fading away. What a powerful gift! Thank You!

    Joyce L., Austin, TX
  • Very ill Senior Dog Regains Health
    I was devastated to learn my sweet, loving little dog had advanced liver disease. Willy got so swollen and uncomfortable I thought we were losing the battle. In my researching the Internet I saw Val Hearts website and contacted her for an appointment.
    While waiting for her consultation my little dog started having tremors and couldn’t walk and it was so heart breaking I decided upon rising one day to have him euthanized when I got home from work. Val encouraged me to wait until after she had worked with him. When I got home, Willy greeted me with so much enthusiasm, I knew Val was right.
    Our session was so beautiful and profound it is hard to put into words. Val communicates with animals from the highest possible place… she touches the sacred place in beings and heals from this place Willy had a lot to say about the purpose and reason for his illness and how i could heal him. Being able to communicate to him so precisely enabled me to see him as the high spiritual being he truly is and in thus doing he started to heal himself in the session.
    During this session, Val applied healing to every being in my household and gave a rating on what Willy was taking and eating as to what was most beneficial and least beneficial. 36 hours later Willy’s fluid build up was totally and completely gone. The Dr. giving the ultra-sound (3 days later) said there was NO fluid in his abdomen and that what ever was causing the the disease was gone, she said that she would even call it a miracle.
    If someone I know is in trouble, before I do anything I will call Val, for my animals, for my Grandsons, for myself. I will gladly pay her fee and gloat at the money i have saved on dangerous surgeries, medications etc. I am so thankful for Val Hearts gifts and talents and I can contest that she is indeed a Master Healer.

    Carrie S., Austin, Texas
  • Closure, Answers and Peace after the Passing of Their Dog!
    On behalf of my daughter and myself we would like to say how incredibly impressed we were with Val’s God-given ability to communicate with our dog who died of mysterious causes. Clark had two bouts of very serious illness within a 5 week period that shut down his kidneys. After taking him to our beloved Vet and an Internist, they could not find the cause of his illness. He ended up in the Pet Emergency room and died hours later.
    We were both saddened by this tragedy and what made it so much worse is that we didn’t know if it was something we could have prevented. It was then that we found Val. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, we scheduled a reading with her.
    The reading we had was so incredibly powerful. Val was able to get in touch with our dog and get some definitive answers even the autopsy didn’t show. In addition to getting the health answer we were looking for, we received some very comforting information as well. Val is a very kind sweet lady with an amazing gift. I would recommend her services to anyone who has lost a pet or anyone who would like information about their existing pet. Her knowledge and insight are amazing.

    Sara F. & Natalie H., San Diego, California

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4 amazing, heartwarming and inspiring 90 minute classes, hosted personally by me, Val Heart. I’ve been helping dog owners for well over 30 years and have worked with thousands of animals and their concerned owners to date. It’s time to teach you what these amazing animals have taught me about life, death and the afterlife. Paws Before Dying – Caring for Your Senior Dog Through Their Golden Years… and Beyond.

Recordings and handouts now available for instant listening and/or downloading!

Note: This is a digital only course. This program consists of PDF documents and MP3 audio files delivered via our website, no materials will be shipped.

I’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to make the most of your dog’s remaining months or years, so that you can create a loving, nurturing environment for you, your family and your dog.

Is the life, health and well-being of your pet worth it to you?

You can spend way more than this on just one unnecessary vet visit, or on a few sessions with a dog trainer or pet psychic, or replacing the latest thing your dog just destroyed…

Only $197. Click the red button below to Invest in the Paws Before Dying Senior Dog Program Now

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When you click Invest Now, you can choose your Payment Option on the next page. Pay in full $197 (best deal), or, make two monthly payments of $108.50 each.

If you choose a payment plan, there will be 30 days between payments.

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This course is backed by my Better than Free Triple Guarantee! If you don’t get results within 30 days, just email me and you’ll get to keep:

  • The Course
  • The Bonuses
  • Your full money back

No questions, catch, tricks or hassle. AND, we’ll still be friends.

NOTE: This course is Digital Only and class materials are hosted online for safe keeping
PLUS 24/7/365 access from anywhere in the world. High speed internet is recommended.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: “What if I’m not very technical?”

If you can use Facebook or email you can definitely use this wonderful Course. It’s that easy. And my team is always here to help you. Just email us any time for help at [email protected]

Q: “Is your 30-day guarantee for real?”

Yes! More than anything I want you to have the relationship with animals that you deserve. That’s why I’ll gladly refund your order within 30 days if you’re not happy for ANY reason. Since the Paws Before Dying Course is an online digital product, returns are super easy – nothing to mail back, no searching for receipts. Just send me an e-mail and we’ll handle everything for you, no questions asked.

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Just click the “Invest Now” button and you’ll be taken to the secure payment page on Infusionsoft – a trusted leader in e-commerce. Once your payment is completed I’ll give you the access information that will take you to the complete training program.Remember, this is a limited time offer at a ridiculously low investment — on purpose! I want you to prove to yourself that it can be done — you can learn how to communicate with animals in a short amount of time, and be empowered to help your animals live longer, happier, healthier lives.