For Animal Parents Worried About Their Pets Suffering, Pain, Moods, Health or Bad Behavior

Animals often suffer from chronic or sudden pain.  Sometimes it affects their mood and behavior but if you don’t communicate with them about what’s wrong, you won’t know or understand why they are doing what they do.

If you miss their signals long enough, then they continue to suffer.  And if it goes on too long, then they could die.

This wonderful online Course approaches the problem from an animal communication and animal reiki perspective.  You will learn 3 incredibly powerful, easy to learn healing techniques so that you can ease their suffering and improve their health and well-being.

Anyone can learn how to heal animals with this techniques!  If you love animals, you’ll love this course.  Even better you can use these techniques for yourself and people too!

This course is for you if:

  • You love animals and are concerned about their health or worried about their pain levels
  • You want to learn how you can help them feel better and heal faster when they’re ill, suffer from chronic pain or have been injured
  • You get how wonderful it would be if you could help heal animals who aren’t feeling well, who have been sick or injured, or who are stressed
  • You are struggling with behavior or training problems with your animals
  • You are ready to discover how Animal Communication and Animal Reiki can work beautifully together to accelerate healing, well-being and balance

Then Get This Important Course Now!

Kathleen Prasad, President of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA), and I co-taught this class so we can teach you our favorite 3 important techniques you can use to improve your animal’s well-being and quality of life.

If you believe in holistic healing like we do, then you’ll definitely want to learn this.

Animal communication and holistic Animal Reiki healing go hand in hand. And it’s our intention to support and empower you in learning how to hear and heal your animals yourself. for this important training on animal healing. Your animal’s health and well-being depends on you.

My students tell me this is one of their favorite courses!  I believe you’ll get so much out of this unique and wonderfully healing course that you will be delighted with your experience and new abilities.

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  • Love animals and are concerned about their health or behavior
  • Are open to learning energy healing and communication techniques specifically designed to help them feel better and heal faster when they’re ill, suffer from chronic pain or have been injured
  • Feel intrigued to discover what other students have learned about using animal communication and Animal Reiki
  • Are eager to accelerate healing, well-being, relieve stress and pain, and encourage better balance
  • No prior healing or animal communication experience is required.

  • Because being able to communicate with animals and help them heal and feel better is what I want to do. The understanding that we are all energy and connected was a concept I already philosophically believed, but this class made it easier to apply that belief in a more practical way in my daily life.  Accessing Val and Kathleen’s personal help, insights and expertise is exactly what I need to make sure I’m on track and doing this correctly. Plus it is soooo much fun!!  Just yesterday my dog was feeling off and after just 5 minutes of working with her, she got up and wanted to play!
    HelleGyllingDusty Jackie D, Eden, North Carolina
  • This course was GREAT!  I didn’t know if I could actually heal anyone, I’ve never done it before.  But I discovered that with these techniques?  I really CAN connect with animals energetically. It’s great to see how quickly they respond too.  You wouldn’t believe how cool these seemingly simple healing techniques are! So far I’ve used them to heal migraine headaches, relieve back aches, and I even helped a bleeding wound stop bleeding and heal up much faster than it would have normally.  Thanks, Val & Kathleen!!
    Performance-Competition-1 Cindy W, Dallas, Texas

Who is Kathleen Prasad? Kathleen is a world renowned Animal Reiki Teacher, founder of Animal Reiki Source and President of The Shelter Animal Reiki Association.Kathleen is co-author of Animal Reiki and The Animal Reiki Handbook and has written many educational articles on animals and Reiki for holistic publications around the world.

She has taught Reiki to the staff of organizations such as The San Francisco SPCA, The East Bay SPCA, BrightHaven Healing Arts Center for Animals, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and The Elephant Sanctuary.

She has also authored The Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics, which has been adopted by practitioners around the world. In addition to offering an extensive animal Reiki training program and worldwide practitioner directory on her website, she self-publishes a free e-newsletter on Reiki and animals.

Visit Kathleen online at
We’re looking forward to sharing our BEST, tried and true techniques about healing animals with you,


Meet Val Heart

The Real Dr Doolittle and Animal Communicator to the Stars
Dedicated to changing the world one animal lover at a time.

Animals come into your life for a reason.  They are Angels, Teachers, Guides and Healers.  When you learn to recognize, respect and revere them for who they truly are, then they help YOU become a better person.

If your pet is ill or suffering from pain, abuse or injury, then it’s your job to help them feel better.  THIS Course shows you how to do that.

What if just one idea could shift your consciousness, one healing could help save your animal’s life or improve the quality of their existence, or one breakthrough experience could take you to a to a richer, deeper, more heart centered connection with your animal? That can happen for you and your animals in this uniquely wonderful course…

Don’t Wait! Do Yourself and Your Pets a BIG Favor.

Get this special unique course and learn how to help heal your animals yourself.

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