How to Talk to Animals: Beginning Core Foundations Course

Get your basics clear with a solid foundation you can build upon, learn important animal caretaking skills AND have a lot of fun too. Students LOVE this course! It’s inspiring, fun, practical with step by step guidance. Begin learning how to connect to your pet’s inner world

10 Lessons

Congratulations!  This course is designed to teach animal lovers how to communicate with animals.  These skills, techniques, tips and concepts will provide a foundation for you to build on and enjoy for the rest of your life.

This course is designed to guide you step-by-step into the grand and life-changing process of learning how to talk with animals.

How to Use This Course:

First, listen to the Bonus that comes with the Beginning Course, the Awaken Your Inner Guidance System Course. Click this link to be taken to Awaken Your Inner Guidance Bonus. You can also find the class listed at the bottom of this page under Bonus Training. 

This will help set the stage for opening the channels to communication.  The techniques taught will help you know how to access Spirit and clear blocks when they surface, which will help jump start your growth process on all levels.  We will refer to these concepts later.

Next, start with the Beginning Course Class 1.

Work your way one class at a time through to the last lesson in Class 5.  You’ll find the answers to many of your questions, guide you in your learning how to deeply connect, begin the dialogue of 2 way communication with animals , and will help you develop your understanding of the art of Animal Talk.

The classes are designed to be taken in order, so don’t try to jump ahead.  Each class builds on the previous one.  You must mark each class complete before being allowed to go to the next class.

Many students re-listen to these classes over and over, and each time they do, they discover more that they didn’t hear or experience before.

Plus, each time you go through the guided meditations and exercises, your experience will be different and enlightening.

The handouts are designed to accompany the recordings.  Therefore, you may want to print them before listening to the class recordings.

Be sure and review (I recommend memorizing!) your Tips Sheet.

I also recommend you print and sign the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Communicators.  You will find the Tips Sheet and the Code of Ethics below.

Notes:  If you are having problems seeing any of the content, or are having issues with the download buttons not working please, then try using a different browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).  If you are having other issues please refer to the Help page.

If you have trouble with a download (it happens occasionally), we recommend you clear your browser and restart your computer.

You will need the Adobe Reader to access the PDF file – get it here

Important:  Please understand that this wonderful life changing course was recorded live from a beginning workshop virtual retreat.  It has been edited into a home study format so that you don’t have to wait for another live workshop (or pay live workshop fees) and can access it at your convenience.

There are advantages to offering the material this way.  You’ll get to experience the material just like all the other students, almost as if you were a live participant along with them.  You’ll hear their questions which will help answer your own.  You’ll get to do the group exercises and learn from the coaching that followed right along with them too!  And you don’t have to worry about missing anything because you can just replay any section that you want to go through again (and again).

Of course, there are some disadvantages because this isn’t a live workshop, so you won’t be able to ask me your questions during the classes.  The live retreat had a private facebook group for community and interaction, but the home study course can’t have that for obvious reasons.  The great news is that you have access to your fellow students in live real time to play with!

The animal handout includes photos of the student’s animals for the group exercises and partnering homework assignments.  Use the original handout as you listen to the class, and then go find a fellow student to practice with!

The great news is, instead of a facebook group or pictures of animals from the retreat to work and fellow students to practice with, I also created a fabulous, robust community of animal talk students all over the world called the Animal Talk Coaching Club.  It’s designed to replace the original facebook group.  The Club is where you’ll get a chance to ask questions, receive support, inspiration, additional training and many wonderful animals and opportunities to practice your new skills.  As a Gold Member, you can even earn private sessions with me and participate in the Live Q&A Monthly Calls for coaching (gold members only).

So when you hear reference in this course to the facebook group or an assignment you’ll want a partner to play with, then come join us in the Club.

Once you have completed each module you must mark the module complete.  You will see the next class module after you click the “complete” button at the bottom of the page.

Ready to begin? First download your handouts below and then you click on Class 1 – Build Your Foundation, Be Present, Recall Exercise, Signature Style below.

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How to Talk to Animals Beginning Course Training Material