Animals are sentient, wise and feeling creatures sending messages to you every day.  Inside you’ll discover 3 Fundamental Principles every animal talk student must know. You’ll also learn how to SEND messages to animals! Using my tried and true techniques, you can prepare your pet for routine changes, vet or trainer visits (or surgical procedures), to tell them what you want them to do.  You could even help save their lives by warning them about potential negative consequences of dangerous behaviors or situations.

What's next? Jumpstart Your Abilities & Learn How to RECEIVE Messages

The Beginning Core Foundations Course teaches you ALL the basics so you know how to tune in, open, connect, send and  RECEIVE messages with any animal, anywhere, anytime. Learn your signature style, what to do when you feel disconnected so you can get back on track quickly, how to help animals in transition, reconnecting in the Afterlife, and… much more!

Smart Students Need Practice To Grow! Do This to Improve Your Animal Talk Confidence & Skills


The Animal Talk Coaching Club is the perfect place to practice growing your animal communication skills, to improve your accuracy and confidence. Ongoing education, monthly featured animal teachers, other like minded animal loving students to practice with and get feedback and intuitive development opportunities and games help you dive deep into the wonderful world of animal communication!

Need Help NOW? Behavior, Health Problems, Transitions & Student Mentoring

Val Heart’s advanced education, expertise and therapy “toolkits” for pets and people are powerful, fast and extensive. Her unique and proprietary 5 Step HEART System for solving problems works with every animal, every time. Whether you need healing, training, help preparing for a pending transition, communicating with animals after transition, she can help.  Her healing work with sick animals and people is legendary.  As an animal talk student, she’ll be coaching you too!