Meet Your Animal Teacher Helpers (ATH)! 

One of the best ways to develop your skills and intuitive telepathic abilities is to practice communicating with a wide variety of animals.  To practice properly so you grow your confidence and accuracy and don’t get lost along the way, you need 2 things:  1) a willing animal teacher and 2) someone who knows that animal fairly well who can give you appropriate feedback.  
Here are the Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club student’s animals who are available to talk!  Imagine what interesting things you can talk about.  You can ask them about their life, their body, their wisdom, what they enjoy doing, how they feel, anything they want you to convey to their person.  You can also ask them to help you on your journey, for feedback to help you improve your skills, your health, wellbeing and more.  Enjoy! 
NOTE: All students are invited to communicate with these Animal Teachers.  However, you must be an Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club Member to add your pet(s) to this page, and to engage in conversation with other students so you can get feedback from the pet’s human in the Club Forum.
Click here for Animal Conversation Instructions
Take a moment to breath deeply and center yourself so you can connect with your heart first.  Ask that the perfect animal teacher be revealed for you.  Then let your eyes gently scan the page.  When you feel yourself drawn to an animal, softly focus on them.  Connect with them energetically.   Imagine that you are viewing a video that has been paused (or is it, pawsed?).  Observe them carefully.  When you are ready, press “Play” on the video and use your imagination to invite them to come to life and step out of the frame.  Offer a greeting and begin the conversation!  Take notes about your impressions, any thoughts or feelings or sensations or images you get.  Write them down.  When you feel complete, click the link with the animal’s picture and tell us about your conversation. When you are ready to share, click Discussion and you’ll be taken to that animal’s discussion in the Forum.  Share what you get!  The pet’s parent will be notified so they can respond and give you feedback, and you can see what your fellow student’s got too!

TIP:  If you get stuck in the conversation or feel blocked, go through The Heart of The Conversation 7 Step Blueprint course to find out where you got lost or disconnected.  You can also review the TIPS Sheet and connection exercises/training from the Beginning Core Foundations Course.  If you don’t already own these courses, then now would be a lovely time to invest in them.

You may find that sometimes the animal may not be available to communicate, this is their choice and we honor it. Don’t get discouraged, you can always try again later.  Just move on to choose another animals teacher that is available and willing to communicate. Remember that we are all students helping each other learn and it’s important to provide and receive feedback, so we can all grow and evolve on our journeys together.

Click Here for How to Include Your Pet
Do you have a pet that’s not shown and you want them to be? Wonderful!  We’d love to have them.  

IMPORTANT: When you present your animal, you are granting permission for your fellow students to practice communicating with them AND you are promising to give them timely, constructive and helpful feedback. Your fellow students made the effort to connect, and then gathered their courage to share what they got. Your job is to respond promptly within 24 – 72 hours if possible but no longer than one week. Validate what they got right, gently correct where they missed, and/or freely admit what you may not know about your animal’s viewpoint yet.

Here’s what to do:  

Email Barb our Coaching Club Moderator ([email protected]) with “ATH Pet” in the subject line and attach your pets picture(s).  Be sure the picture has the pet’s name in the filename so she can identify them properly.  Please don’t send enormous files, it clogs up the inbox and site.  It helps if the picture is no more than 1 MB in size and each email with picture attachments should not exceed 3MB.  If you have more pictures, please send them separately.  If you feel tech challenged, that’s okay, just ask.  We’re here to help.  Barb will take your picture and upload it for you, and then notify you when it’s ready.

Only post your personal pet(s) pictures.  They can be alive in physical form or in Spirit (tell Barb that when you submit their picture).  Each pet should be an animal you know fairly well and are or were connected with as a caretaker/pet parent.  That way you can offer appropriate feedback.  The system limits us to no more than 6 pets posted per person so if you have more than that choose wisely.  You can also post a pet for discussion in the Forum who is not on the ATH list.

Images will be cropped if necessary and reduced in size to fit on the page.

If you drop out of the Club or are no longer in good standing as a member (haven’t paid your dues), then your animals will be removed from the list. 

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