All animal talk students must to know and understand how animal communication and the Human Animal BodyMind Connection really works.

animal communicationThat’s important because your animals mirror you.

That’s right.  They REFLECT you on many levels.

They are the weathervane of your heart, body mind and soul.  This means that they can act out and reflect back to you your inner wounds, your attitudes and beliefs, your energy – and they are also your angels, teachers, guides and healers.  They react to and follow your directions, conscious or unconscious thoughts, spoken or expressed through your body language.

Animals see what’s in your mind’s eye and feel what you’re feeling.

When we engage in animal communication, we allow and invite our animals to engage with us at a deeper, heart to heart, mind to mind, visceral knowing level.  Incredible life changing information can come through the experience, when you do it properly.  It’s simply transformational!

When you are communicating with an animal, you may discover that the animal’s issues with training, performance or health aren’t their own personal issues.  It could be that they are acting out their person’s problems!  The danger of not knowing this is that you will have missed the gift in the communication because the problem needs to be resolved with the human.

Once you really get what the animal is telling you, then they are free to let go and be who they truly are.  And their human can take responsibility for making the needed changes.

For instance…

True Story!

One day my master teacher TuffyTiger, disguised as a fluffy grey tabby cat, decided to teach me The Purring Lesson.  She jumped up on the bed beside me while I was taking a nap.  She stretched out to her full length, relaxed, reached out with her soft front paw and connected with me.  We communed in peace for a few minutes.

TuffyTiger Cat CommunicationAfter a while, she told me that she loved me but that I was way too stressed out and she was tired of being at the effect of all my stress.  She had acted it out for me on many levels, hoping I would get the lesson and shift… but no.  Me, her hard headed human just kept doing stressful things, thinking about stressful things, engaging in stressful stuff… She said it made no sense.  She had also decided that she didn’t want to carry stress in her body anymore, it was harmful to her health and well being as well as mine.

She decided that I needed to learn how to purr.  Purring is good for me and the space around me, and that it was a healing exercise.  I said I’d love to learn how!  I’ve heard that scientists have no clue HOW exactly cats purr.  It’s a fascinating thing, kitty purrs.  We have learned that cats purr at the exact same frequency around the world, which is amazing.

Even more astonishing is the fact that all cats purr at an incredible frequency of sound.  That wavelength is known to accelerate the healing of wounds, broken bones, damaged tissues and more.  Doctors are now using that understanding to help patients heal.

So when she invited me to learn to purr, I was hugely excited.

She told me to pay close attention, follow her lead and do exactly what she did.  TuffyTiger began to purr in a very loud, exaggerated way.  She was so loud you could hear her through the whole house!!

And in a calm, relaxed space I gave her my total focus.  Nothing else mattered in that moment.  I let myself feel her energy deeply, observing what she was doing with her body.  I was amazed to discover that the purr was the audible sound of her sending energy through her body in a specific pattern.

The experience of Purring like a cat reminded me of a Chi Gung exercise, performing a very sophisticated and elegant dance with the energy gates within the body.  And I did my best to imitate her in my own bodymind.

After a while, she relaxed, told me to keep practicing, and she relaxed her focus.  We rested there together for a little while.  Then something amazing happened!

It was like we were one body and mind.  I could hear what she heard.  I knew what she smelled and how she felt in her body.  My senses were enhanced and my connection with our world deepened and became richer and fuller.  I could hear better, smell better, see better.  I felt more sensitized and receptive to the world around us, and was able to access more wisdom and knowledge as I connected more strongly to our space.

She’d hear something and turn her head to look out the window at the exact same time I did.  I felt when something itched her and knew where it was on her body before she reached around to lick herself there.  I knew what she was thinking almost like it was my own thoughts.

Easy.  You can do it too.

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TIP:  Find a time and space where you can relax, connect with your animal.  Ask them to teach you something or simply mirror them. Watch what happens.  I think you’ll be very surprised and pleased with the results.  And I know your animal will!

Most of our animals think we humans are the densest creatures on earth!  All because we have forgotten how to listen, how to feel, how to just be and resonate with life.

Don’t let that be you.

Tip:  When you notice you’re out of sync with your animal, take a time out.  Reconnect and communicate with animals from your heart and mind.  Learn from them because they are angels, teachers, guides and healers.  Recognizing, respecting and revering them for who they truly are will help you become a better person.


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