Human and Animal Communication: 5 Ways They Communicate

Kitties know how to communicateHave you ever stopped to think about how animals really communicate with humans intuitively?

What does that look like?

What does it sound like?

Or feel like?

How animals really talk to humans and how humans send, receive and interpret messages is in many ways a mysterious intuitive phenomenon but for those who have learned to do it well?  It’s an amazing experience that makes a huge difference.   

I was called in to help officiate at the opening and dedication of The Sharon White Bird Sanctuary in San Antonio, Texas

While I was there, a robin flew up close and landed on a tree branch right in front of us.

She looked directly at us and I heard her sweet, yet serious and heartfelt message: human and animal communication

“Our time here is short… we are few.

We thank the humans who care for the birds and who wish for a better world for all.  Some of us are ill, some are not — at least, not yet.  Many feeding areas are contaminated now, and the plentiful feasts we used to enjoy?  Those insect beings too are sick.  There is much sadness among us.

We now flock together for safety and strength, different feathers, different bird families…  We no longer have the luxury of flocking only with our own families because there are so few of us left. We have formed new kinships with all life.

Tell this one, this human called Sharon, Thank You.  We will stay here awhile and rest.

I am sick — sick of heart and spirit.  When my family started dying, I felt the tragedy deep in my breast and I too wanted to die.  I would have, except for this human of the sweet and caring hands.

Now, I think I must live and continue.  I’m glad some of my friends have come back. They are all sad and fly to us with heavy hearts and painful stories.

Tell the humans, please.  They must know that killing us and other creatures kills them too.  We are worried for the future of all.

But for humans like Sharon, we won’t — any of us — survive.

This place is a bright spot. You call it a Refuge. It is much needed.  We will tell others and they too will come.

Fill it with light, love, joy along with clean water and food.  We will regroup.  We will survive. Thank You.”

You might be wondering…

How was I able to hear and interpret Rosie’s message?

Animals have the ability to “talk” to us intuitively, very much like a regular person would talk but with a few differences:

  • The intuitive “talking” from the animal takes place in your head.  However, for highly sensitive empaths or folks with the gift of claircognizance or clairsentience, sometimes you will feel it in your own body.
  • If you don’t know how to tell the difference (yet), the “talking” can seem at first very much like your own thinking or mental chatter or physical sensations.  The difference is that the “talking” will feel or sound different in some way, either through tone, speed of delivery, choice of language or it may have words you don’t normally use.  It may come to you in short words or be accompanied by visual images/flashes, or it could be a long run on sentence, with or without “proper” grammar.
  • Animals don’t typically talk in long monologues (especially for beginning students), like Rosie the robin’s expression to me.  Instead, they may stick to shorter sentences like, “I love to sleep on the blue sofa by the window in the sunlight”, or, “My foot hurts.” They simply want to get their point across.
  • Animals don’t feel the need to “talk” to communicate all the time. They are happy to let you know how they feel in other ways as well through feelings, pictures, emotions, etc.
  • Animals also talk through sensation and feeling without the use of words at all.  How would you convey these thoughts without using words?  “My head is heavy, it hurts”, or “bright light stabs my eyes”, or “feeling peaceful” are all important animal communication messages.  If you can feel what they feel, then you are talking!

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If you think that your pet has “said” something to you because you heard it in your head, or you felt it in your body, the chances are very real that you’re right!

Oh! One more really cool thing about how animals “talk” to us:

Animals (pets and wild) don’t see any need to have superfluous conversations.

In their mind, what’s the point in talking about the weather unless it is going to directly affect their well-being?

You don’t need a special gift to be able to understand what the animal in your life wants you to know. Just start by becoming consciously aware and fully present!

Of course, I have lots of classes where I teach this and other ways to improve your intuition and ability to communicate with animals, but you can begin now without a class!

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