Timmy Teaches Us That Dog Communication Takes Many Forms

I’m sitting here giggling so hard trying to write this, but I have a serious distraction going on caused by yours truly…

Timmy the border collie!

He is a virtuoso with his squeaky toy, Chewbacca. I’ve never heard a dog get so many interesting sounds out of a simple toy. It’s a wide variety of squawks, moans, interspersed with a tiny series of little squeaks, soft sighs and loud yammers… he’s astonishing!

For instance…

He makes pithy commentary and punctuates sentences when his dad and I are talking. And somehow?  They make sense!

He teases us with it to help wake us up in the morning, while we have our coffee. He definitely believes laughter is the best way to start our day!

Such a smart boy…

He brings it to me when I’m struggling, working too hard or having a difficult time with something…

Or just when I’m feeling blue.

He loves for me to throw it down the hall for him to chase… then he runs with his tail streaming above his back, fast like a racehorse and then…? BIG POUNCE! And I cackle delightedly cheering him on.

Sometimes he proudly prances as he brings it back to me to do it all over again, but then sometimes he teases me by staying just far enough away that I could chase him. (He loves that game!)

Sometimes he shows me play posture, bowing down with his helicopter tail wagging furiously and his big brown eyes dancing with delight.

What’s he really doing?

He’s inviting me to get out of my head and into my body, the present moment.

And THAT is his gift.

Timmy Teaches Us That Dog Communication Takes Many Forms

It’s an extraordinary gift, because the future and the past don’t exist – only the power of NOW.


What does your pet do to make you laugh?

To brighten your day?

To inspire you?

Scroll down and leave a comment, I want to know!


  1. Cloris Kylie

    So true, Val! There’s so much we can learn not only from our pets, but from all animals! Thank you!

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Cloris, you’re right and I’m delighted you are open to their wisdom. Keep going!

  2. Shaldena

    Snowy, my rescue cat of age 10 years now is a Turkish Angora. She loves to stand on the vanity which is located beside the toilet. When she feels safe with someone using the facilities, she will ‘head butt’ them while they are occupied. It’s almost like she’s saying, I have an open toilet myself and what better time than this to say “I love you!”

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Hi Shaldena, Snowy sounds wonderful! It’s true, when we are a “captive audience”, many pets love to take advantage of the moment. They are very clever that way. And you’re right, that’s exactly what she is saying.

  3. Rosie

    We have a flock of 5 chickens. They were not all raised together, are different ages and sizes and kinds of chickens, and a pecking order is more noticeable at times. I think of this ‘pecking order’ as something implanted/manipulated/programmed, and do clearing and give contribution to the flock (and then to all chickens), when it is more prevalent. It seems this makes a difference. Perhaps because of often doing this energy work, they seem to have gotten very sensitive to unusual energies. They become quite vocal when incongruent energies are around, until we pay attention. When we notice, we sense what seems to be going on and then do energetically what seems to be required. Only then do they quiet down. It feels like they are guardians. It is inspiring!

  4. SHANE

    timmy is wise and so are you for listening to him

  5. Martha

    Animals are so great to have around, I call them my second kids. We have a 15 year old toy poodle and he knows when my husband is going to have problems (he has an array of medical issues) even before they start. He will go pace around his chair as if to say, “I’m with you”.

  6. Jay Vargas

    Timmy seems like an amazing dog. It’s crazy what dogs can do for us when you think about it. They’re so intuitive, and I swear they can read the minds of human ;). Like they know exactly the right time to play with you, or comfort you. It absolutely fascinates me. Wonderful post on dog communication, very helpful.

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