YouTube Video Sensation Chiclet T Dog Teaches The Importance of Holistic Dog Care

It’s Chiclet T. Dog, author of Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care, and now star of a YouTube video. In it I tell the amazing story of how a tiny dog (me) overcame scandal and life as a party girl to become an award-winning author and healer.

My video is called Fame is a Bitch!  Get it? Okay, technically I’m not a bitch because I’ve been spayed. Don’t quibble!

I’m hoping to expose thousands of people to the need for a more holistic approach to dog care (and to entertain them in the process). For those of you who keep urging me to go on Ellen (like I’m purposefully avoiding your advice!), this is our big chance to get her attention. But I need your help!

Please watch my video!  It’s quirky, fun and cute–if I do say so myself. It’s getting high ratings from viewers and we won lots of honors over the weekend for being a “favorite” and “most viewed.”  We put it up on a Friday night and almost 1000 people had watched it by Tuesday morning! Cool, right??

Forward this to as many dog loving people as you can, and ask their friends to forward it, too?

This is our big chance to spread the word about the problems with pet food, over-vaccination, dangerous pet meds, etc. Send it to all those friends who won’t listen when you talk to them about holistic dog care too!

Maybe a little dog can convince them.

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