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One of these little mistakes cost a dog parent well over $5,000…

So many of my clients come to me with serious dog behavior and health issues, I decided to write a book on all the most common mistakes people make with their dogs.

Don’t Screw Up Your Dog!

pexels-photo-14644I want to help you have happy, healthy dogs, and to do that, you need to get dog savvy. Because most of the problems people have with their dogs come from these 12 most common – and very costly – mistakes. Once you know what they are, you can easily avoid making them, and save you and your dog a whole lot of heartache.

Does your furrkid ever embarrass you, make you sad or frustrate you?

I hope you are ready to learn how to improve your dog’s health, well-being and sanity, because I’ve got some really great stuff to share with you that you can start using right away.

Whose fault is it when dogs disobey?

Most of the mistakes I work to correct stem from mismanagement and misunderstandings that can be easily avoided, once you know what to look for.

Did you ever see a ‘telegram’ from your dog?

They’re sending out SOS signals every day when they’re in distress, feeling blue, are in pain or have something they need to tell you.

There’s no reason for you or your dog to suffer simply because you didn’t know what you don’t know, right?

Discover How to Avoid (and correct) the Top 12 Most Costly Mistakes
Dog Parents Make – Learn how to have happy, healthy dogs.

So much can go wrong in every puppies life, from not taking advantage of the opportunities to show your dog how to behave, to learning how to have good self esteem and confidence, to know what to do in different situations, and to know how to relax.

There is a critical window in every dog’s life and development stages when they are most needing to learn important, safe, confidence building concepts in order to grow up to be healthy happy dogs.

If you missed the window, or, if you are in that window now with your K9 pal, be certain that you fulfill their needs in the right way.

Get This Important eBook Now!

Which of these fundamental, costly mistakes are you making with your dog? Get started now to learn what you need to know to enjoy healthy, happy dogs!.

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  • “If you love dogs, have a dog or want a dog, this book will draw you right in. Full of good sense and knowledge gained from years of valuable experience, this book is unputdownable! Val’s insights are like treasure, and the quirky little illustrations will charm you as well as artfully making points you can easily understand. This book should be compulsory reading for anyone thinking of having a dog in their life. The world would be a better, happier and safer place for dogs, their owners, and anyone who interacts with either of them, if everyone read Val’s fabulous book.”

    animal-dog-pet-brown Jenny Smedley, Best-Selling Author of Pets Are Forever and Pets Have Souls Too.www.jennysmedley.com
  • “Val Heart’s latest book is a treasure trove of great advice based on real world experience. This is a wonderful resource book that offers real-life information for the new and not-so-new dog caretaker. We found her book to be immensely readable and enjoyable with the fun and creative pictures serving to help the important lessons she teaches hit home with greater impact. Highly recommended as a starting point for the new owner, and as a refresher for the seasoned pet parent.” 

    night-animal-dog-pet Steven L. May and David T. Pisarra, Esq, Co-Authors, “What About Wally? Co-Parenting A Pet With An Ex”
  • “A great relationship with your dog begins the dayyou make up your mind to establish a conscious and consistent pattern of relating to your dog in a meaningful partnership based upontrust, communication, and respect. Val Heart outlines a strategy which asks the dog owner to be conscious of their daily interactions with their dog, and to maximize those interactions by supporting the dog in the ways he truly needs.”  

    animal-dog-pet-brown Kyra Sundance, Author of “101 Dog Tricks”
  • “Expert animal communicator, Val Heart, offers practical and loving advice to owning happier, healthier dogs. Her tips are so simple and easy to follow.  They seem like obvious advice, but so often we fail our dogs in so many ways.  We need to learn to speak dog!  Just as the expression, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” indicates, we could say, “When with dog, do as the dogs do.” Our beloved companion dogs talk us all the time, and when we understand their behavior from their perspective, our relationships with them grow from good to amazing. It is up to us to learn to listen, and Val Heart is a master at facilitating this gift in others.” 

    Karen Biehl and Celebrity Dog Eli Karen Biehl and Eli the Celebrity Chihuahua from NYC life’s reality series “Doggie Moms”

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About the Author Val Heart

Val Heart got her start in animal communication more than 25 years ago when an injured mare spontaneously told her why the wound on her hip wouldn’t heal.  Through the conversation, Val and the owner were astonished as the wound simply disappeared right before their eyes as she shared her story!

Today, Val is a leading animal communication expert, internationally recognized pet psychic and master healer and teacher. Val can help you learn how to create a magical bond between you and your animal and get at the root of what is really going on in their life. Not the typical animal communicator or teacher, her specialty is healing and solving problems with pets through a uniquely powerful spiritual journey.  Many students find her training to be life changing and intensely profound.

If you want to learn how to talk to animals yourself, and you don’t want to waste a lot of time, energy and money chasing your tail on expensive onsite coursework, then Val can help!  The Heart Method of teaching animal communication is designed to teach you exactly what you need to know to open, explore and master the telepathic energetic communication channels between you and animals.

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Don’t Wait! Do Yourself and Your Dog a Favor.

Properly socialized dogs are healthier in body, mind and spirit. And they grow up to be the best canine companions you could ever imagine… if you do your work right.

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Better than Free Triple Guarantee

    If you don’t get results within 30 days, just email me and you’ll get to keep:

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