Einstein Talks About Animals As Divine Beings on the Best Friends Society Celebrity Dog Blog

You may have heard of me? I’m Einstein, the dog genius disguised as a Miniature Schnauzer.

EinsteinwithframeI know that may be a bit lofty sounding, but hey it’s just the simple truth!

When I was alive, my mom was Val Heart, The Real Dr Doolittle, who I think you know? She’s cool! I’m glad she was my Mom.

In case you missed the stories about how I came into my Mom’s life that Mom insists on telling periodically (how embarrassing!), I thought you might enjoy this one.

When I was only 10 weeks old I wrote this (with my Mom’s help) for a celebrity Dog Blog. I thought it might help inspire you today.

Here’s what I said and I still believe it to be Truth today:

Message from 10 week old Einstein:

I’m learning to live in the human world quickly – there are lots of rules here, aren’t there? It can be very confusing, but my person Val is teaching me many new fun tricks (at least I’m letting her think she is teaching me. The truth is I’m actually teaching her!). I like making her happy because she is a special person.

One of the first questions Val asked me for the Best Friends Society Celebrity Blog fundraiser was what I thought about Divine Beings…

To help you better understand my answer, I should tell you that I first let Val know that I was coming into her life through dreams and visions before I was even born. It took her 3 months to find where my doggie mommy lived, and for her to prepare our home for me to come live with her.

I was barely born when she knew which of the 5 tiny newborn puppies was ME. She said it was love at first sight.

Just 8 weeks later she brought me home and it’s been an amazing journey ever since. (hint: Val&Einsteinat10weeksoldwithframeDON’T ask her about my baby pictures or we’ll be here all day!)

When I got ready to reincarnate, I wanted to be with a human that would understand and partner with me in helping people and their animals be more balanced and happy. You have to admit that Val is exactly the right person for that!

Val understood my mission right away because she shares that vision with me.

I wanted to share my soul wisdom that I brought with me into this life. You know what an important place we furrkids hold in your life and your heart because we chose you and came to be with you as your guides and teachers.

I know we are ALL Divine Beings. The Divine Spark is in each of us because we are all elements of pure consciousness, quarks in the Quantum Resonance Field, coming from True Source. We simply have different bodies to express ourselves with.

I came to Earth to do my soul work, which is helping my human mother teach other humans how to talk to their animal friends. I know my Val has years of experience doing this, but together we can make an even bigger difference in the world.

You know that we animals try to communicate with people all the time. We have important messages, insights to share, information about things you don’t know. We want to tell you what’s bothering us, where we hurt – we can even tell you where YOU hurt!

We know what happened in our lives to make us the way we are and why we behave the way we do. It makes sense to us. And we know how to make your life easier and more fun, and healthier too. Humans just need to take the time to listen, and learn to speak our language better.

It’s so hard sometimes to communicate with people because humans can be so dense! I also want people to realize that we reflect your own imbalances, wounds and issues which makes us your very best teachers, guides and healers.

You have a lot to learn from us.

Einsteinwithframe2Learning how to learn from me and my fellow beings connects us all at a deeper level, helps you be a better human being – more balanced, kind, and considerate; helps you be healthier and clearer about who you really are, who we animals really are.

And when we do that together, we can completely transform the quality of life on our planet.

And our planet really needs our help right now…

So, YES I believe I’m a Divine Being just as I believe YOU are too!

You have a job to do here too. And we have our own jobs to do too.

Do you know what your animal’s job is?

If so, good for you! I hope you are helping each other do your good work. Mother Earth needs you to be your very best.

If not, then isn’t it time you did? Talking with your Master Teachers disguised as animals can help you A LOT, because we know more than you do sometimes, and we know things you don’t. All you have to do is ask us, we’ll tell you.

My Mom can help you with that. She helps people and their animals all the time.

If you haven’t started learning how to communicate with animals yet, then please don’t wait.

And if you have already started learning how to speak our language but you haven’tmastered the art of the conversation??

Get going now, okay?

We animals don’t live very long in these bodies, and we don’t want to waste a single minute of our time with you.

Animals are sentient, intelligent, wise beings. We come into your life for a reason. When you learn how to recognize, respect and revere us for who we truly are? We help you become a better human BE’ing.

A lot of folks look at me and just see a cute dog. Now YOU know better!

Seriously? You just never know who you may be living with until you communicate with them!

Wags and kisses,

Einstein Heart

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