Sebastian’s Tale of Noise Phobias

There once was a gorgeous Persian cat named Sebastian.

Sebastian was a seasoned traveler, having flown all over the country with his mom and dad. Noise-Phobias

He loved going places, and took all the hullabaloo, affection and showered attention in stride with aplomb and graceful acceptance. 

But when storms came, or the fireworks went off at the neighborhood amusement park not far from their house, he totally lost his cool. 

Pacing, whining, meowing constantly, Sebastian frantically raced around the house. Fearfully ducking and cringing every time the sonic booms hit.

His worried mom called me, desperate for help.

When I talked with Sebastian, he told me what he thought was going on.  And we had a heart to heart discussion about it.  

I attempted to ease his mind, explaining what fireworks were about, how they worked, and about storms, how they couldn’t hurt him…

But his viewpoint was very firm, there was no budging him on it. 

He was convinced that he knew all about the World According to Sebastian.

So I considered what he told me…


What to do to help this kitty in need? 

Then, I had an Ah HA moment! 

The light bulb went on.

I told him my idea and he LOVED it. 

What happened that night when the fireworks went off like they always do…?

Or when the next storm with scary lightening and booming thunder came rolling through…? 

Sebastian calmly did exactly as I’d suggested. 

Pretty as you please, he happily found his perfect place, the one we created together, and he stayed there, taking a nap until it was over.

This is that dreaded time of year when fireworks and storms coming along. 

The time when massive numbers of frightened animals run away from home, get lost, destroy property and get hurt. 

If your (or a friends) furrkid is terrified, frantic, scared out of their mind…

And you feel helpless, worried, not knowing what to do to help them…

Maybe you’ve tried to talk to them about it, but got nowhere very fast…

You just need to know how to go about the conversation to get the best results. 

Here’s what you want.

I created a new home study course called:

How to Overcome Fireworks, Thunder and Noise Phobias

Knowing what your pet needs to be safe, to calm down and settle no matter what the weather or the crazy humans are doing with their blow up toys.

Taking the time to communicate with them in the RIGHT WAYmakes ALL the difference in the world…for both of you.

You and your pet do not have to experience this agony ever again! 

You just need to know how to help them through it so they can find their peace.

How did I make such a difference with Sebastian?

I’m so glad you asked…

Because I tell the rest of his story in the course, with several others that will just blow you away!  

Be Your Pet’s BFF! Click Here and see what all the buzz is about! 

Whether you are just beginning your journey into the wonderful world of animal communication or you are ready to advance your skills to mastery level…

You really don’t want to waste another day not knowing how to help pets with their fear of fireworks, thunder or noises, do you?

Connecting with the sentient feeling world around you — and knowing how to help them overcome their fears — is one of the sweetest most incredible things you can do, ever!

If you’re an animal talk student, or a professional communicator, then I encourage you to follow YOUR heart deeper into the wonderful world of animal communication and learn how to solve problems like this one!

Time is of the essence when it comes to being able to understand animals thoughts, wisdom, pain and viewpoints.

Because I want to give you every reason today to be decisive and to take action, for you AND for your pet, I’m offering the course at a steeply discounted introductory rate.  

It’s only $47 (regularly $97).  But I can’t promise to leave it at that price for very long.  I suggest you get it now. 

No Risk!  Like all my courses, it’s 100% guaranteed with my Better Than Free Guarantee. 

Much love to you and your Angels, Teachers, Guides and Healers cleverly disguised as animals,


  1. Shonda

    Such a great article. I love the idea of communicating with your furkid and helping them find a place they can feel safe. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Abigail O'Quinn

    Seems like Sebastian was absolutely terrified… Very courageous of you to help all these animals. Especially because so many of them get so affected by such events. Val you are the ultiamate animal whisperer. Your course on all this also appears very interesting, I’m considering doing it myself!

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