The amazing story of how I saved the lives of 2 wild bobcat cubs

Years ago I worked on staff at Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. One day a volunteer brought in 3 wild bobcat cubs, about 3 months old. They were in very bad shape.

bobcat baby cat whispererTheir coats were mangy and dirty, they were full of stickers, fleas and a few ticks. Very skinny, clearly they were starving.

Our director, Tim, immediately started working with them. He first sedated them. Sedation with wild animals in bad health is always risky business but he had no choice. They were beautiful, wild creatures and even though very young, they were very dangerous. Their teeth were razor sharp and approximately 2 inches long. Their claws were long and extremely sharp too.

Once they were sleeping, he could examine them safely. He gave them a bath and brushed their coats. He gave them shots. And then he left them to wake up in a secluded quiet spot of the main house.

Before he left late that afternoon, he gave me instructions to watch them carefully. They should wake up in a few hours.

So I watched.

And I watched…

3 hours came and went and still, they slept like the dead, not a muscled stirring, not an ear or whisker twitching.

Another 2 hours went by and when I checked on them again, I realized that one of them had died.

I called Tim and told him, but his attitude was a fatalistic one. He reminded me that they were in bad shape and that maybe it was best that they died, there was nothing more we could do.

It was a very depressing moment.

I felt so sad that these young cubs had experienced such a harsh life, and for that one at least, it wasn’t strong enough to make it. And I realized that the other 2 could die as well if something wasn’t done.

After I grieved, I felt something inside me stir. My inner voice said, “No! I will NOT let these other 2 cubs die without a fight, without me doing my very best for them.”

Albert Einstein said that continuing to do the same things over and over expecting a different results is the very definition of insanity!

Quickly I decided that I had to do something extraordinary to try to save their lives. So I let myself into their pen and sat down beside them, still quietly sleeping on the ground.

I tuned in and connected with them heart to heart, mind to mind, and began the conversation (exactly like I teach in the Beginning Core Foundations Course).

I told them that their brother had died, and that with them, I grieved his loss. I was there to help them wake up and recover. I assured them that they were needed and important and beautiful and wise souls.

I heard their voices, the boy’s voice was strong, inquisitive and clear. The girl’s voice was quieter, softer and much too faint… like she was fading away.

I asked for permission for touch them with my “paw”, and respectfully requested that they not hurt me if and when they woke up. I assured them they were with a friend, someone who cared for them deeply, and I felt my love for them.

And so I went to work. I called them urgently, asking them to WAKE UP! Wake Up NOW!

Next I touched the boy cub with my hand, offering the “Feel My Hand” healing technique (taught in the Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Course). The technique works beautifully to help animals reconnect with their body after a shock or trauma or injury.

And, Oh My God!! The boy responded!

He first started purring! Deep, full body purrs that got stronger and louder by the moment.

Then his paws twitched! And his lips moved, his whiskers twitched too. It was like watching his body come back to life!

He stretched, still purring like a freight train, and then?

Oh, that amazing and wondrous moment when he opened his eyes for the first time and looked directly at me.

He smiled and reached out to gently touch me with his paw.

In a moment, he rolled over and got his feet under him, then he stood up shakily. I helped him balance for a minute, then he told me, “I got this, thanks!” and I let him go with tears streaming down my face.

He came straight to me rubbing his head on me, climbing in my lap, all 35 pounds of him. His beautiful tufted ears dancing back and forth as we continued our conversation.

baby bobcatThen I asked him for his help. His little sister still hadn’t woken up, I was very worried.

So together we both focused on her, calling her, touching her.

He reached to her with both front feet and purred as he kneaded her side.

I did the “Feel My Hand” technique on her with his help, and within 5 minutes, she was AWAKE!

Shortly after that, I had 2 happy bobcat cubs rubbing against me, purring like crazy… They never ever harmed me in any way, they only delighted in my company.

It was one of the sweetest moments of my life.

I’m delighted to report that both of the bobcats grew up strong and healthy after that. Every time I went to visit them, they raced to the front of their pen and eagerly rubbed on me in greeting, purring and telling me all about their day.

In The Heart School of Animal Communication, I teach animal lovers like you all over the world HOW to communicate with animals in my online self study courses.

The reason is so that you can really be there when animals need you the most. So you can be their Hero, their best friend, their confidante. So they can help you too by sharing what they know that you don’t, yet. So together you can save each other’s lives one day…


  1. Vidya Tiru

    that is a heart-warming story indeed.. is the photo posted at the beginning of those bobcats?

    1. Val Heart Post author

      HI Vidya, thank you! I’m so glad my story touched you. Those aren’t photos of the real bobcats. This was before the time of cellphones and I didn’t have a camera with me, and I was all alone. I wish I had pictures of them! They were gorgeous. 😀

  2. KemKem

    Wow! You were extremely brave to do that. Glad you were able to save to hem though and was their hero .

  3. Di

    Very moving story. What incredible talent you have. Thank you for sharing the story.

  4. Jolene

    Another very amazing story. Such trauma should never be experienced by animal. At least you didn’t lose all 3 cubs. I feel like if one of them didn’t die, you wouldn’t have been able to figure another way to save the others. Proving that the cub died for a purpose. All your stories are incredible, it’s like you do all of this on the daily. A true inspiration!

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