5 Critical Animal Whisperer Questions To Ask Your Pet

Animal whisperers, also called animal communicators, are a hot topic these days.

While it’s wonderful more and more animal lovers are recognizing that animals are sentient, intelligent, feeling beings, there is a lot of miscommunication out there about what animal whisperers actually do.  How does animal talk work?  What can you learn?  What can you expect from a conversation with your pet?  How do you find a reputable, experienced animal whisperer, someone you can trust? Ultimately, is working with an animal whisperer just a waste of your time, energy and money?

If you have ever wondered what an animal whisperer, or animal communicator, could tell you, or why enlisting the aid of one could be worthwhile, then consider how knowing the answers to these critical 5 questions could improve the well-being, health, and happiness of your animal friend:

1. Are you happy? You want your animals to be happy.  However, if your animal is aggressive, nervous, seems sad, depressed or worried, runs away, hides, or shows other bad behavior, then that is a sign that something is very wrong in their world.  A good animal whisperer can tell you if your pet is happy, or if you’re missing something important to their well-being.

2. Does your body hurt? You hope everything is ok, but… is it?  How do you know for sure?  Physical problems are not always obvious and the symptoms may not be glaringly evident until your pet is in breakdown or crisis mode.  You may not know if they have chronic stomach pain, a toothache, headaches, or vision problems… or other even harder to diagnose health issues – until it’s too late.  An excellent animal whisperer can tell you for certain whether your pet is in pain, or feeling great.

3. Do you like your job? So many times I see people get animals for a specific task such as a guard dog or competition show horse or lap kitty.  But without talking to them to find out what they really enjoy doing, they may misbehave because they are uncomfortable with the assigned tasks, they are confused about what they’re supposed to do, or they are having difficulty performing their job duties.  Once your pet is delighted with their job, they are in alignment and all is well because they feel more stable in their role.

4. Are you fulfilling your purpose (soul contract)? Just like you, your animals have a life purpose.  They are very clear about what they came here to do.  For your pet to be truly fulfilled in this lifetime it is important for you to know and understand what their purpose actually is.  After all, they may need you to help them fulfill it.

5. Do you have something to say? Your animal tries to communicate with you every day!  They try to tell you how they feel about you, about their world, and their life. They know things you don’t.  They try to tell you what they want and need.  They also try to pass along their wisdom to you, and yes they have profound things to share if you can hear the wisdom of their message.  They may also be trying to tell you there is a something physically wrong with you if they sense something wrong in your body.

Animal whisperers practice the art of telepathic animal communication and use other intuitive gifts to find out what is really going on with an animal at very deep energetic levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  They can also facilitate a discussion with your animals to gain more clarity about the issues at hand.  And together your animal’s input or feedback will help resolve troublesome situations.

Is It Time to Enlist the Aid of an Animal Whisperer for YOUR Pet? 

If there is something wrong or they simply have a message for you, a qualified animal whisperer will help bridge the communication gap between you.  That gives you the chance to do what’s needed to correct anything that needs attention in the most efficient way possible before it’s too late.

No more guessing or wondering what the problem is!  You now have a clear idea of exactly what the issue is and what the root cause may be as well.  That can save you a ton of wasted energy, time and money… and can even save your animal their life and well-being.

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Bio:  Val Heart, Expert Animal Whisperer/Communicator, Behaviorist, Master Healer. Called the Real Dr Doolittle, Val works with chronic pain, illness, trauma, training, behavior, performance, euthanasia.  https://www.valheart.com.

If you and/or your animal friends could use a profound heart to heart conversation or healing, click here to make an appointment.  https://www.valheart.com/consulting-plans/

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