The brave little mouse that changed my life {heroes are found in even the littlest among us}

Years ago I worked on staff at Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. It was incredibly hard work, physically, emotionally and mentally.  One day I met a brave little mouse…

And the encounter changed my life.  Here’s what happened…

Late one night while I was working all by myself on staff caring for the hundreds of ill and injured animals of all species, I got a call from Tim, the director. He gave me the task of feeding a mouse to an ill five foot python snake that had not eaten in several weeks.

It was resting in a large dog kennel that had a heating pad beneath it. The snake was so large, it fully filled the bottom six inches of the kennel and was all coiled around. The head occasionally would come out of the kennel door, but the body was too large for it to escape or go very far. It was getting weaker and weaker.

I was the only one there on staff at 11 pm, so I couldn’t just ask someone else to do it. The job fell to me.

I was heartbroken.

I love all animals, even the mice! How could I possibly choose a mouse to feed to a snake, knowing it would die? I felt helpless.

The facility kept a large terrarium with at least 50 mice in it especially for the purpose of feeding to predator animals who needed to eat so they could regain their strength.

I’d never had to do this before, and I was in such conflict, it was an agonizing experience.

The mice usually happily played all day long. Their community was a joyful one, full of tunnels, mice sized playground equipment, things to climb on and explore, and of course, food and water. There were older mice, boys and girls, parents and babies.

Normally, there were a lot of mice out running around all over the place.

But as I hung up the phone and looked over at the mice…?

Incredibly, every single one of them immediately disappeared deep under their bedding. It was as quiet as a tomb, nothing stirring. The place looked abandoned.

It was clear, they had heard the discussion. They knew what was to come.

With tears in my eyes, I gathered my courage, my respect and my love and I slowly went to the terrarium.

I stood there in silence, praying for guidance as to what to do.

After a moment, I connected and communicated with the matriarch of the mice community (something I teach students how to do in the Advanced Animal Talk Mastery Course).

I carefully explained the situation and asked them for their help.

brave little mouseA few short minutes later, a small white mouse climbed out of the bedding and stood tall on one of the play tunnels facing me.

Standing on its hind legs, it reached up to me with it’s cute little nose twitching. It said:

“Pick me. I am willing to sacrifice my life for my family. I love them, and I feel this is my purpose. I’ve said my goodbyes. I go with my family’s blessing and appreciation. I am ready to face the snake. It’s a good day to die.”

With tears running down my face, I acknowledged the decision made and the courage and bravery of the mouse. I thanked the community from the bottom of my heart, respecting and loving each and every one.

I put my hand down beside the mouse and waited as it deliberately and carefully climbed onto my hand.

I could feel the mouse’s energy growing big and expansive. In that moment, I felt it had became a warrior spirit in that darling little white mouse body.

I walked over to the kennel with the snake, and I showed the snake to the mouse.

I asked again, “Are you sure?”

The mouse said, “Yes.”

So I put my hand down outside the kennel door with the steel bars and waited.

It could have run away, and honestly? I would have felt glad and relieved.

But no, the brave little mouse stepped of its own volition through the bars into the snake’sboa snake den.

I prayed for the highest good for them both. I offered my deepest appreciation, respect and gratitude.

I wiped my eyes, blew my nose and stepped away to go take care of the other animals in my care,

Later, I came back to see what had happened.

To my amazement, the white mouse was still alive and resting there in the kennel with the snake. He had not been eaten, nor had he escaped through the kennel bars.

I don’t know what happened after that because it was very late and my shift ended, so I went home after offering my love and deepest respect for the mouse.

What I do know is that the courage and communication with the mouse forever changed me.

There are heroes in all of us, even the littlest among us.

Just like humans, animals have their own side of every story to tell.

Animals are sentient, intelligent, wise beings. They are Angels, Teachers, Guides and Healers.

When we learn to recognize, respect and revere them for who they truly are, they make us better people.

Take the time to talk to the animals today, okay? What they tell you may literally rock your world.


Do this nextLeave a comment below – tell us your best animal story!

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  1. Helen

    This story is so heartbreaking and strong. As I write I have a small brown mouse that I captured in my closet set to be taken out to nearby property where I have released others an hope this one connects with his/her relatives. Val, such a wonderful story!

  2. Christina Maria Petersen

    Thank you Val,
    The Story about the Mouse and The Snake was very touching and the tears came running down my face. Truly courageous little Mouse.

    I have a tonne of Animal stories, but one I will always remember, was this one, with a giant horse named Snoopy and the first time, I heard an Animal speak to me.

    We were on a full day guided horse riding tour through the spectacular beauty of New Zealand and we were in a group, with Members for whom I was responsible.

    At one point we passed through a paddock with cows, and several of the girls was getting nervous about what the cows might do. I turned around in my saddle and kept my reins loose as I felt very relaxed and confident with Snoopy with whom I had spent a couple of hours now.

    While I was reassuring the girls that the cows would leave them alone, I didn’t notice that Snoopy had moved in under a huge branch on an enormous Pine Tree – I avoided the first one, but the swishing sound of it made him jolt forward, so the next branch got me and swept me right of the giant horses big bottom and straight down on my back on the grass underneath.

    It knocked the air out of me, and I lay still for a second to try to find out if all my bones were still intact (They were) and tried to catch my breath again. Snoopy turned around and came over with his giant head and enormous VERY worried eyes, put his whole head down towards me as he asked ” Are you ok?” I got very touched by his concern, as he was clearly as surprised as I, about my sudden departure.
    At the same time, The Guide had reached me, and said to Snoopy as she pushed him away “Not helping Snoops”. With my first breath I said with tears welling up in my eyes: “Oh yes he is…!” <3

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Thank you for commenting – I love your story! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story, and that you also see the beauty and sweetness in all life, even in the mice.


  3. Peggy Kelsey

    You’re right, Val, that mouse story will change my relationship with ALL animals forever. Thank you for sharing it!

  4. Jenn

    What happened to the snake? Maybe the mouse escaped because the snake didn’t like to eat love prey. I have hopes! Brave little mouse. ☺️

  5. Ann Marie

    As a feloow animal communicator, I have come across issues that are far different than what they look. I had a trantula following me around one summer- I would throw him out of the house, only to have him return the next day. THe fourth time this had happened, the trantula was in my living room. it went thru my head that I could vacuum him up with the vacuum cleaner. The moment I thought this, I saw the Trantula shudder. I knew that he knew what I thought.
    It changes everything.

    I have found that many animals have a different viewpoint of death. Cats can literally see & stay conscious thru death. To them, it is like walking from the kitchen to the living room. Many times cats would rather die & come back than suffer in a suboptimal body. We are eternal, energy changes forms, but doesnt die. Love is alsways connected to love. Death does not break that connection.

  6. Mary Owens

    I will never tire of your blog and I’m going to sign up for your course and affiliate too. Thank you!

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