The Extraordinary Soul Connection Between Pets and People I call Human Animal BodyMind Connection

“That’s just spooky!”

That’s what a client told me when I pointed out that both she and her dog had a problem in the exact same vertebrae in their backs. I assured her that this happens all the time, and that it has to do with The Human Animal BodyMind Connection.

Did you know that animals mirror you in mind, body and spirit? They do, they reflect us.

Animals are spiritual teachers, and are at times act as what I call “barometers of our souls”. When there is a problem even if it is subconscious, they are talking to us.

The question is: Are we listening?

The Human Animal BodyMind Connection is a deeper assessment of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual connections between humans and animals, and often serve by reflecting back to us the lessons we are here to learn.

It’s been said that more than 90% of our problems are based in emotional, psychological or psychosomatic issues! When we are in denial, are disconnected or disassociated, our emotional wounds are deep beneath the surface of our subconscious mind. The world around us, our animals and our children, will mirror these issues back to us by acting out or reacting to our distress.

Our animals know us better than almost any other being on the planet. They see what’s in our minds eye, they feel what were feeling, and they are often closer to our hearts than anyone else.

What is your pet trying to tell you? Are you and your animal friend having “issues”? It’s time for you to start listening to your animals!

For instance, when we’re in pain or ill, they may also suffer from the same pain or illness.

One of my favorite authors, Susan Chernak McElroy, talks about this in her extraordinary book called Animals as Teachers and Healers. In it she tells her story about how her dog had the same rare cancer she came down with. In the book, she credits her dog with teaching her how to survive cancer! That’s what gave her the idea to write the book so she went on to collect other peoples stories about how their animals mirrored them in some way. It’s wonderful if you haven’t read it yet…

So, the Human Animal BodyMind Connection is about looking under the surface to discover what the real issues are, why they are showing up the way they are, whose problem it really is (and it could be both of them!), and what to do to rebalance the relationship.

I got a great email from one of my students, she said:

“I was gazing at my sweet old dog who is recovering from just having a tumor removed from her forehead, slightly off center and above her right eye. My glance shifted to her brother whose brown spots above his eyes are now misaligned because of surgery to repair a wound received above his right eye in a fight with another dog. And I myself had a patch of precancerous skin removed from above my right eye; I was allergic to the antibiotic, and now have a bump of scar tissue there. Last night, as we all three looked at each other, it hit me; we, and our healing wounds, were in fact all mirroring each other! How wild is that?! There’s really something to this, Val!”

Our animal partners are in many ways our best friends, the beings who know and love us better than anyone else, who chose to spend their lives with us, helping us heal, loving us when were sad or sick, often showing us what unconditional love means, and many times demonstrating what it takes to live life fully in every way reminding us of what’s important, and what’s not!

Unfortunately, they also mirror our issues, trauma and wounding, reflect our pain and anger, sponge our grief, sadness and dis-ease. When they get sick or act out with behavior that is inappropriate and even life threatening, they are asking for help, telling us that the load they are carrying for us is more than they can bear!

Want another great story?

My 12 year old tuxedo cat, Peach, couldn’t get off the ground anymore. It was breaking my heart to see her suffering. She could hardly eat, barely walk, was weak and very crabby. I finally thought to ask her what was really going on and she said she was helping my husband and me by attempting to drain off all the negative emotions we were struggling with. She was taking it like a sponge into her own body to try to help clear the space.

She had taken so much of our grief, anger, frustrations into herself that she was actually dying.

WOW! No amount of vet visits, surgical interventions, tests, drugs or change of diet would have ever helped her in this situation.

I told her how upset I was, and how appreciative that she was trying to help us. But, she did NOT have our permission to do such a thing! She replied that it was the only way she knew to help us! That she thought it was her job!

I told her NO! We didn’t need her to carry our pain or grief or anger. She was not helping us. We wanted her to help us by helping to bring us back to our center, our peace, our power. And from that place we could learn our lessons and heal our relationship. It wasn’t her job to carry our pain in her own body. In fact it added to our stress and upset!

Once she understood and accepted her new role, she returned to good health within just a few days, and went on to live almost 20 more years! She was an amazing Teacher, Healer, Guide and Angel.

So one of the first questions we should always ask when there is any kind of pet problem is:

“How am I connected to this? What could my pet be acting out for me?”

For instance, with fearful or aggressive problems often the human is afraid subconsciously, so the animal either acts out their fear, or, becomes more protective which, of course, looks like aggression! Or the animal is in reaction to the fear, which is a huge instinct trigger for them, by the way!

When we look a little deeper, examining the subconscious issues, we usually discover something that we haven’t been able to make peace with. Then, through counseling and other healing modalities, our health and behavior improves and theirs does too!

I promise you, what your animal do makes perfect sense to them from their viewpoint! Our job is to listen to them so we can learn about their experiences, share their wisdom, and learn about any discomforts so we can take appropriate action.

Many Angels, Masters and Teachers are disguised as animals do you know who you are living with?

Wishing you and yours much love and good communication

Barometers_of_our_souls_ebookP.S. By the way, I taught a wonderful course exploring the mysteries of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection, called Barometers of Our Souls.

If learning about talking with animals and understanding them at the deepest levels interest you, or if mastering animal communication is part of your soul’s work? You need to get the course.

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  1. Yuni bisa

    I am going through lots of personal problems. And I came across a stranger’s dog who took so much interest in me frozen and staring into my eyes until I got scared. Should I be worried?

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Hi Yuni, thank you for sharing your experience. I don’t know why you got scared. It sounds like the dog may have had a message for you, maybe something to help you with your problems. Did you try to communicate with it? Without communicating directly, it’s hard to know what was going on, what the opportunity was or what was missed. <3
      BIG hugs,

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