Horse Sense for Humans with Lisa Murrell and Schelli Whitehouse

Hi!  I’m Val Heart, the Real Dr Doolittle, Animal Communicator to the Stars, bestselling author and founder of the Heart System for solving problems with pets.  I’m also the founder of The Heart School of Animal Communication and host of the Animal Talk Coaching Club.


Welcome to my series of live interviews with my professional animal communicator colleagues!  We want to bring you into our world, help you know what we know, see what we see when we communicate and work with animals.


My next guest in the Animal Communication Mini-Training Series is   ….


Lisa Murrell and Schelli Whitehouse


Our topic is:


Horse Sense for Humans: Understanding the Vibrational Frequency Where “Knowing” Occurs


Lisa and Schelli will share how we as humans become more complete versions of ourselves because of our connection with horses and they will teach you how to engage with these equine sages in a powerful way and that includes communication.


In our short, easy to fit into your day chat, we’ll be discussing:


  1. What is “Horse Sense for Humans”, or more specifically, what is the “Sense” they have for us that can make us better people?
  2. How are horses different than a dog or cat in this scenario?
  3. How do “know” when you are in an ‘inter-subjective’ state of being? What does that feel like?
  4. What kind of training is necessary to facilitate this kind of work?


Learn more about Lisa and Schelli at there website Equine Alchemy


We can’t wait to hear what you think about it too. So watch the Show and then leave a comment for us, okay? We really do want to know what’s on your mind.


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  1. Dee Jenkins

    The visit with Lisa and Schelli was so informative !. They were truly in tune with just what was needed for communication.! However could we(your cyber fans) maybe have some video( with results) to watch how a process take place?? I believe this would add to the interviews when explaining just how “things” work in the communication field with animals! Thankyou Val for all your instructions and supporting spirit. Is being over 70 years old too old to learn???


    1. Val Heart Post author

      Hi Dee!
      Being 70 years old is a wonderful time to learn how to talk to animals! Anytime is a great time to learn, and since you’ve got a wealth of life experiences to draw on, an obvious love of animals, and the interest, now is always the best time to get started. It’s a bit difficult to video what is largely an energy exchange from heart to heart, mind to mind between 2 or more beings of different species. I shot some footage of me working with various animals but the video didn’t come out very good I’m sorry to say… LOL And, because I primarily work long distance these days with animals all over the world, again, those kind of sessions are very difficult to video. LOL The good news is, I teach precisely how this process works, what it looks and feels like, and what steps, tips and techniques I use in my Heart School of Animal Communication courses which come with a full money back guarantee. And the Animal Talk Coaching Club is where students receive guidance, mentoring and coaching so they can be the best they can be at bridging the gap between animals and humans. Hope to see you on campus soon! Much love, Val

      P.S. – You may enjoy this video I did

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