Animal Communication Training Interview with Val Heart and Anne Angelo

Hi!  I’m Val Heart, the Real Dr Doolittle, Animal Communicator to the Stars, bestselling author and founder of the Heart System for solving problems with pets.  I’m also the founder of The Heart School of Animal Communication and host of the Animal Talk Coaching Club.

Welcome to my series of live interviews with my professional animal communicator colleagues!  We want to bring you into our world, help you know what we know, see what we see when we communicate and work with animals.

It’s time to find out how to use essential oils and animal massage to help your pets feel better!

My guest today in the Professional Animal Communicator Training Interview Series is colleague, Anne Angelo

Anne_AngeloAnne’s work with children, essential oils, animal massage and animal communication will touch your heart and lighten your load.

She’s amazing and I’m delighted to share her journey with you.

In our short, easy to fit into your day chat, we’ll be discussing:

Animal Communication, Animal Massage, Children’s Music & Essential Oils for Wellness

We can’t wait to bring you into our world and tell you:

  • Why Anne decided to become an animal communicator
  • How a stuffed brown dog changed her life
  • How her work with children and animals became the Meesha’s Songs CD Album
  • How and why she incorporates animal massage into her work with animals
  • The biggest lesson she learned from Meesha and all the animals
  • What she can teach you to help you with your own pets (you can use this important tip to make a difference with your pet right away!)


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Val Heart, The Real Dr Doolittle
Founder of the Heart System for Solving Problems with Pets
Host of the Animal Talk Coaching Club and Founder of The Heart School of Animal Communication


  1. Ana Zuluaga

    I started taking Val’s beginners course last week and I am really happy about it. It all started as a request from my dog and a lesson he is helping me learn. I have to overcome my fears and trust myself. I was putting it off but my dog was emphatic, I needed to do it now. So I finally got the courage to get started. Yesterday I was practicing and exercise from the course and I felt a bit of anxiety because I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right or if I was even getting something. While listening to this talk I was reminded of the importance of waiting and not rushing things with animlas. I also love that Anne uses Young Living oils, as my dog and I use them all the time. Thank you so much.

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Thank you so much, Ana! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the course and I appreciate your effort to learn to communicate with your dog!! Hugs

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