Animal Communication Training; Protect Your Pet from Predatory Pests with guest Susan Francis

Hi!  I’m Val Heart, the Real Dr Doolittle, Animal Communicator to the Stars, bestselling author and founder of the Heart System for solving problems with pets.  I’m also the founder of The Heart School of Animal Communication and host of the Animal Talk Coaching Club.


Welcome to my series of live interviews with my professional animal communicator colleagues!  We want to bring you into our world, help you know what we know, see what we see when we communicate and work with animals.


My next guest in the Animal Communication Mini-Training Series is Susan Francis


I felt like I’d found a kindred soul when I first connected with Susan. 


She describes herself as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes because she helps solve animal mysteries baffling their humans.   While Susan uses telepathic communication, she is also a medium and clairsentient, and a top reader on an international psychic line for both people and animal and even appeared on PBS. 


What makes Susan even more unique is her background in Chinese medicine and her ability to intuit blocks and imbalances in meridians and organ systems and even homes, as well as her use of acupressure, all of which she learned from a Buddhist/Taoist master. 


Today we’re discussing:


How to Protect Your Pet from Predatory Pests — As well the Poisons that Treat Them and the Psychic Energies that Feed Them!


Fleas, ticks and skeeters are a serious threat to your pet’s health and happiness.  Unfortunately, so can be the preventive products we use.


Did you know that psychic and energetic aspects may be involved in persistent infestations?  Yikes!


In our short, easy to fit into your day chat, we’ll be discussing:


  1. Who are the pests?
  2. Where are these pests?
  3. When do they occur?
  4. What are the best ways to treat the pesky pests?
  5. Why might pest infestations be a sign of psychic attack as well?



We can’t wait to hear what you think about it too. So watch the Show and then leave a comment for us, okay? We really do want to know what’s on your mind.


Stay tuned for more! My next guest interview is coming soon…


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