Why Learning to Be In Communion and Communication with Animals Is Your Fastest Path to Peace, Inner Power and Authentic Leadership


Hi!  I’m Val Heart, the Real Dr Doolittle, Animal Communicator to the Stars, bestselling author and founder of the Heart System for solving problems with pets.  I’m also the founder of The Heart School of Animal Communication and host of the Animal Talk Coaching Club.

Welcome to my series of live interviews with my professional animal communicator colleagues!  We want to bring you into our world, help you know what we know, see what we see when we communicate and work with animals.

My next guest in is Animal Communicator, Author, Natural Horsewoman, Inventor of the Walk In Sync™ No Choke Dog Harness and Animal “Heeler”, Alecia Evans!


I promise, you really don’t want to miss this.

Alecia_Evans_2_She’s amazing and I’m delighted to share her journey with you.

In our short, easy to fit into your day chat, we’ll be discussing:

Why Learning to Be In Communion and Communication with Animals Is Your Fastest Path to Peace, Inner Power and Authentic Leadership

We are eager to bring you into our world and share this awesome work (and our hearts) with you:

1. What drew her to Communing with Animals?

2. What was the specific access point that opened her natural gifts?

3. What was her biggest breakthrough when she became aware of the power of communication with the Animal Kingdom?

4. How has her life forever changed as a result of this information?

5. How can you access and use the biggest awareness for yourself and your own animal companions?

Learn more about Alecia Evans awesome work here!


Do this nextWe can’t wait to hear what you think about it too. So watch the Show and then leave a comment for us, okay? We really do want to know what’s on your mind.

Stay tuned for more! My next guest interview is coming soon…


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  1. Pamela, Boise

    I loved the show Val. In fact, I enjoy all of the interviews I have watched thus far.
    Alecia is a sweetheart (like you!).
    I am becoming more and more enlightened to the inner abilities that we all can access and am beginning to believe that I too am able to drop the erroneous beliefs that inhibit me from communing with the precious animals. Being in a ‘neutral’ place of ‘observing’ animals and not projecting my ideas, thoughts ect onto them. I am going to practice my imagination by putting on my own special Spectacles that help me drop the veils and really See the animals differently. Thank you for being my Teacher!

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Thanks, Pamela! You are definitely able to do this. I’m so happy to be your Teacher. You make me proud. Love, Val

  2. Anne - Marie

    Great interview. It is so true about the eye connection. You can literally feel what’s coming from the eyes. I have noticed Ra gravitates towards the sun a lot. Mirrors me. We both are relaxed in the sun. Loves his walks and nearly knocks me over with excitement. A beautiful thing to watch. Thank you so much for a wonderful show.



    1. Val Heart Post author

      Anne-Marie, it’s great that you’ve noticed more and more about Ra. He is a wonderful Teacher for you. Keep going! Love, Val

  3. Barbara Grout

    What an inspirational show today!
    Inspirational Quotes:
    Watch who your animals are, not who you think they are
    Be in sync with their energy.
    See from their perspective.
    Val stressed this on our January Animal Talk Coaching Club Q&A call and it has REALLY helped me!
    “When you find out that this is what you should do, the Angels will sing”
    I am crying tears of joy because I know this is soooo true for me. I don’t know how as I have so much to learn and so much to let go but I do know it’s my path.

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Barbara, I’m SO excited for you! You got it!!! Keep going, you’re on the right track now. Hugs, Val

  4. Jeanine Byers

    The work you do sounds great! My son used to be interested in animal communication. In fact, I made it a part of his homeschooling curriculum one year.

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Hi Jeanine, That’s awesome about your son. Well done! I think all children have a natural affinity with animals and an openness to communication IF the adults don’t destroy that for them. BIG hugs, Val

  5. Kemkem

    This is cool. My hubby always wonders how l know exactly what our dogs want. I tell him l observe them. I got tired of playing the guessing game and started focusing and l get it right most of the time. Both of them have completely different personalities . She mirrors me, and he mirrors my husband :-).

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Kemkem, you did it! Well done, that’s awesome. I also love that you know which dog mirrors you. That’s important to know and work with.

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