Animal Communication: Klaudia Schmidt, Animal Talk & Running a Cat Rescue in Cyprus

I’m so excited to share the brilliance of one of my animal communication students,  Klaudia Schmidt!  Klaudia Schmidt cat whisperer

Klaudia has been studying animal communication and is a founding member of the Animal Talk Coaching Club. She lives in Cyprus, where she spends her free time caring for a huge cat rescue family, a small dog and a colony of feral cats. Quite a few of her rescued critters are special needs animals (blind, one-eyed, missing paw, damaged nervous system). Over the years she’s taken in a large number of abandoned kittens.

Lately she decided that she wants to help more animals than is possible with the rescue – that is obviously limited by space, time and financial means – and now she starts to prepare for a life as a professional animal communicator.

Today she opens her heart and shares her path to learn animal communication, which she says was not always easy.

Listen in as she explains what she’s learned and how the AnimalTalk Coaching Club has helped her to trust her abilities and decide to become a professional animal communicator herself.


1. Why did you find it difficult to learn to communicate with animals? What were your main obstacles?

2. When did you have your first ‘Aha’-moment?

3. On what occasion did you have the break-through? When did you start to believe in yourself and your abilities?

Would you like to talk to Klaudia?  Email her at  [email protected]

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  1. Martha

    Klaudia sounds like a very special, caring and loving person!

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Hi Martha, yes! She is an amazing woman doing extraordinary things. I’m so glad you enjoyed this.

  2. Doug

    A great interview. It seems to me that like talking to people, the talking part is easier than the listening part.
    I believe the animals may have an advantage because they seem to understand our language better than we understand theirs. Tell me again which one is the smarter one?

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Exactly right, Doug! It’s we humans that tend to be dense, cut off, stuck in our heads and disconnected. Animals do an incredible job of working to understand us. The listening part is what I teach in my courses because you guessed it, it’s the harder part for humans to learn how to do well.

  3. joy

    Wow! very impressed! Hooray! And thanks for helping the kitty!

  4. Elis Carr

    She is absolutely amazing! What Klaudia is doing in Cyprus is absolutely inspirational. Kudos to her for even taking in special needs cats, when I’m sure they often get left behind. Seems to me like she enjoys every second of it though. I can’t even imagine how wonderful it would be to be a professional as well and get to do this all the time. Then, like always great interview on your part Val, and I look forward to more!

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