How Bonnie Saved an Injured Longhorn Bull

One day Bonnie, my friend, riding instructor and the ranch foreman of a small spread in Boerne, Texas, went out and about to check the ranch.

To her dismay, she discovered that 1 of the 2 wild, prize longhorn cattle was in a very bad situation. He had somehow gotten a strand of wicked barbed wire tightly entangled around his hind leg. Cutting deep, the blood was oozing and dripping at many spots from where he had jerked to try and get free.

These 2 cattle were not warm and friendly pets. They did not take kindly to being handled in any way, shape or form. They always kept their distance from humans and preferred their own company in the 10 acre pasture.

Approximately 1,200 pounds each, they both had more than a 6 foot horn spread and the tips of their horns were very sharp. Believe me, they knew how to use them too.longhorn-cattle

Bonnie was all by herself, with no one to help her. She weighed approximately 120 pounds soaking wet. She could have called the vet, but that would have taken time and the bull was in a very bad way. And the vet would have had to tranquilize him which would have caused more injury, more distrust of humans, and of course, expense.

She could have called someone for help, but the ranch owners were far away and nobody was available. Besides, a stranger on the property would have just made things worse.

Remembering what John Wayne the actor said, “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”, Bonnie decided to practice what I’d been teaching her.

She talked to him.

And something incredibly magical and intense happened next…

Bonnie told him she was sorry to see he was injured. She discussed his options and likely consequences. She carefully explained exactly what she would like to do to help him. And what he must do in return to assure her safety.

Finally, when she felt clear and connected, she asked him for his permission to approach with the wire cutting snips.

He nodded his head at her, and baring her heart, she walked toward him risking her life in the process.

He stood like a statue when she touched him, never moving an inch. She carefully knelt down by his injured hind leg, and began to unwrap and cut the nasty wire away. She felt all around from his foot to his hock to his groin, being sure to not leave any of it behind.

It took her about twenty minutes or so before she was done getting all the pieces removed from his flesh. Then she applied the antibacterial ointment to help soothe and heal the various areas.

She stood up and patted his shoulder, thanking him and wishing him well.

He nodded his massive head again, turning to look in her eye but carefully not touching her with his horns.

As she stepped away, he walked off back to pasture to rejoin his buddy and tell him the remarkable story of how a human had communicated with him and helped him.

Reminds me of the story of the lion and the mouse that pulled the sticker from its paw… only this wasn’t a fairy tale. It really happened.

In The Heart School of Animal Communication, I teach animal loving students like you and Bonnie all over the world HOW to communicate with animals in my online self study courses.

The reason I do that is so that you, like Bonnie, can really be there when the animals need you most. So you can be their Hero, their best friend, their confidante. So they can help you too by sharing what they know that you don’t, yet.




  1. Anne Z

    What a wonderful story Val! I bet Bonnie felt really good being able to help her fellow living soul! Just great!

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Hi Anne, Thanks for your comment! Yes, exactly right. Bonnie was beyond delighted with her process and the results, and from that point on had a shift in relationship with the bulls too. 😀


    A cattle whisperer…
    Will wonders never cease.

    1. Val Heart Post author

      All animals know how to whisper, it’s the humans that need to learn to hear them! 😀

  3. Vidya Tiru

    This is indeed a wonderful story, Val!! and yes, we indeed need to learn to listen better..

    1. Val Heart Post author

      Vidya, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I hope it touched your heart and maybe opened up new possibilities for you. 😀

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